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Robert E. Van Atta—Numerical Coding as a Teaching Aid for
Infrared Spectroscopy* 161
Stephen M. Kelner and Kenneth G. Migliorese— Snythesis and
Reactions of Tetraethynylethylene Glycols* 161
John J. McTigue and Robert L. Van Etten— Chemical Modifica-tion of Human Prostatic Acid Phosphatase* 161
J. Zachary, P. F. MA, and J. M. Coers—A Study of the Inter-conversion of Human Adenosine Deaminases in Cancerous and
Normal Tissues* 162
Stephen R. Wilson—Environmental Co-carcinogens* 162
J. A. Mosbo—Isomeric 2-Substituted-l,3,2-diazaphosphorinanes* . . 162
David A. Blinn and Bruce N. Storhoff—Organonitrile Complexes
of Platinum* 163
Bruce N. Storhoff—The Snythesis and Some Reactions of 1-Bromo-2 ( phenyl ethenyl) Benzene* 163
Terry L. Kruger and Frederick K. Ault—Chemical Education
for Artists, Philosophers, Economists, and Politicians* 163
T. L. Kruger, J. A. Mosbo and R. G. Cooks—Stereoisomer^ Studies
in the Gas Phase on the MIKES* 164
T. C. Schwan and Curtis R. Wille— The Reaction of Methyl
Vinyl Ether with Chlorine* 164
Philip L. Burkholder and James T. Streator—A study of an
Oscillating Chemical Reaction* 165
Grant Kraft and A. Gilbert Cook—The Photolytic Rearrangement
of 1-Adamantyl Azide

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