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Raymond A. Schlueter—Occurrence of the Protozoan parasite,
Henneguya exilis Kudo, on channel catfish in Indiana

Robert Priddy—Black Locust as a Winter Food for Bobwhite

J. K. Eichenberger and G. R. Parker—Changes Over a Half Century in the Davis-Purdue Natural Forest

William B. Crankshaw—A Comparison of Presettlement and
Extant Forest Vegetation of Indiana

Victor L. Riemenschneider—Preliminary Report on the Flora,
Fauna and Habitats of the Swamp Rose Nature Preserve, St.
Joseph County, Indiana

David M. Sever and Clarence F. Dineen—Preliminary Observations on Reproductive Ecology of Ambystoma tigrinum (Amphibia: Urodela) in Northern Indiana

Larry J. Miles and George R. Parker—Viability and Growth
Effects of Soil Applied Heavy Metals on Several Herbs Native
to Northwestern Indiana

John C. Inman and George R. Parker—The Effects of Heavy
Metal Contamination on Litter Decomposition in Northwestern

Lawrence L. Garber and Michael J. Jeter—Impact of Phosphorus
Removal on the St. Joseph River

Donald E. Miller—Further Observations on the Seasonal Distribu-tion of Brown Hydras

Daniel M. Levine and Orland J. Blanchard, Jr.—Aspects of the
Symbiotic Behavior of Periclimenes rathbunae Schmitt and
Thor amboinensis (De Man) with Their Host Tropical Sea
Anemone, Stoichactis helianthus (Ellis), from Jamaica

H. H. Hobbs III—Studies of the Cave Crayfish, Orconectes Inermis Inermis Cope (Decapoda, Cambaridae)

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