• Donald Cochran


C. Michael Anslinger— Debitage Classification Systems

Ruth Brinker—Mann Site Figurines

Frank Burkett and Donald R. Cochran—The Commissary Site (12-Hn-2) Revisited

Mark Cantin and C. Michael Anslinger—Holland Chert Quarries/Workshops Near Huntingburg, Dubois County, Indiana

Mary Ellen Carpenter and Robert E. Pace—Test Excavations at the Smith Site, (12-Vi-86), Vigo County, Indiana

Catharine A. Carson—A Description of Kenneth Chert

Della Collins Cook—Three Cranial Tumors from Late Woodland Sites: Diagnosis and Cultural Implications

Edmond J . Furia—A Useful Morphological Characteristic of Two Toed Sloth Hair

Ronald Hicks—The Year at Drombeg

Misty Jackson and Robert E. Pace—Towards Predicting Loss of Archaeological Resources from River Channel Migrations

James A. Mohow—A Preliminary Survey of the Maumee River in Allen County, Indiana

P. Ranel Stephenson—Woodland Sites and Ross Soils: A Correlation in the Upper White River (West Fork) Drainage

Curtis H. Tomak—Some Late Archaic Manifestations in Indiana