• Ralph Jersild


Kathy Burek and Robert J. Stark—Effect of Acetylcholine Stimulation on Cytosolic Chloride in Parotid Acinar Cells

Edwin M. Goebel and Deborah A. McMahan—Physiological Studies of Azospirillum amazonense

Ralph A. Jersild, Jr.—A Brief History of the Cell Biology Section, Indiana Academy ofScience

Michael S. Maloney—Concanavalin A Inhibits Oral Regeneration in Stentor coeruleus by Binding to the Cell Surface

John W. Munford and Thomas Koenig—The Effect of Fasting on Sodium Pump Activity in Rat Skeletal Muscle

Jeanette M. Schepper and James P. Hughes—Increased Binding of Growth Hormone following Cleavage by Rabbit Liver Plasmalemma

A.C. Snyder, A.R. Coggan and J.J. Uhl—Protein Degradation after Eccentric Exercise

Martin A. Vaughan, Timothy J. Mulkey and Charles W. Goff—Calmodulin Stimulation of ATP—Dependent Ca2+ Uptake in Maize Root Microsomes

Henry C. Womack—The Effect of Illumination on the Rat Pineal as Measured by MSH Activity

Cell Biology