• J. R. Garcia


Nancy C. Behforouz—Effect of Cyclosporine A on Leishmania tropica

Richard H. Lambert and J.R. Garcia—The Regulation of S-Adenosylmethionine Synthetase in Candida albicans

M. Langona—A Case of Tuberculosis in the University Setting

M. Langona, S. Bossung and M. Orr—Scabies: A Nosocomial Outbreak

Steven H. Larsen and Joann Hoskins—Three Plasmid Cloning Vectors for Mammalian Cells

Linda Madisen and M.E. Hodes—Banking DNA for Future Diagnosis of Hereditary Diseases

F.H. Norris and M.E. Hodes—An Examination of 495 Splice Junction Sequences

Tom Pugh and Mary Clancy—Transcriptional Regulation of the Sporulationspecific Glucoamylase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

James L. Shellhaas—Development of a Model System for the Study of Murine Leukocyte Chemiluminescence

M. Skaria, J.E. Foster and R.M. Lister—Relationship between Symptomatic Resistance and Virus Production in Barley Cultivars Inoculated with Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

David L. Snyder and Bernard S. Wostmann—Serum Hormone Levels in Germfree and Conventional Rats: Effect of Dietary Restriction

Microbiology and Molecular Biology