• Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr.


Albert A. Bartlett and Richard L. Conklin—The Dynamics of the Population of the United States

Marshall P. Cady, Jr.—On the Measurement of Thermal Diffusivities with Bryngdahl Interferometry

Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr.—The Physics of the Grist-mill

Frank K. Edmondson—The National Optical Astronomy Observatories

L. Dwight Farringer—The Manchester Interface Adapter for Commodore and Apple Microcomputers

Jodi Hamilton and Thomas H. Robertson—Software for Astronomical Photometry

Lawrence E. Poorman—Licensing and Certification of Physics Teachers by Examination: What are the Dangers?

Thomas H. Robertson and Jodi Hamilton—A System for Astronomical Photometry

Gerald J. Shea—The Great Southern U.S. Geologic Uplift Observed in the Early Months in 1984

F.R. Steldt—Astrophotography Using Celestron Telescopes

Nancy Watson and James Watson, Jr.—Using Toys to Teach Physics to Middle School Students

Physics and Astronomy