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Neil V. Weber—Modeling Predictive Indices for Indiana Corn Production : 1960-1969

Charles Stanberry—Climatic Change in Southern Indiana 1898-1975

Robert D. Hall and Shannon L. Hall—Migration of a Meander
of White River Near Worthington, Indiana

Robert Templeton and John E. Oliver— Horton's Laws Related
to the Quantitative Fluvial Geomorphology of Three Parke
County Watersheds

Patricia A. Boaz and Robert D. Hall— Hydrology and Water Quality of the Crooked Creek Watershed, Indianapolis, Indiana

Robert B. Jessen—Images of Downtown

Grover C. Worcester and Benjamin Moulton—A Descriptive
Study of Indiana State University Faculty Settlement Patterns
Over 55 Years

B. D. Kwon, R. F. Blakely, and A. J. Rudman—An Approach to
Automatic Well-Log Correlation

James F. Stratton and Alan S Horowitz—Variability in Seven
Devonian Species of Polypora M'Coy

Paul J. Hafer and Robert F. Blakely—Type III—Statistics of
Extremes Analysis of Modified Mercalli Earthquake Intensities
for the Eastern United States

John B. Patton— Historically Authentic Masonry Materials in the
Renovation of Christ Church Cathedral

Richard L. Powell and Stephen D. Maegerlein—Classifications
of Springs in South-Central Indiana

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