Robert Fischer


A.M. Fullenkamp, Kim Duffy, Robert A. Vance and Robert Fischer—Marking in Submissive Male Gerbils after Contact with a Dominant Male and His Odors

Bonnie Gray, Robert Fischer and Gary Meunier—Heterosexual Social Interactions in the Syrian Hamster

Barbara Kane—The Several Themes of Adolescence

Oliver C.S. Tzeng and Roberta Schlossmann—Psychovector Love Scale and its Differentiability

John M. Vayhinger—Orwell's 1984, Skinner's Walden II, Marx' Classless Society and other Utopias: An Exploration of Human Expectation and the Psychological Factors in a "Perfect Society"

Roger Ware and Charles Yokomoto—Personality Types and Perceptual-motor Performance

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