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Thomas R. Mertens and Patricia S. Barnes— Myths about Human
Inheritance That Are Perpetuated in the Biology Classroom Laboratory

Harold H. Jaus—Changing Elementary Teachers Attitudes Toward
Environmental Education

Jon R. Hendrix—A Survey of Bioethics Courses in United States
Colleges and Universities

Claudia B. Douglass—Increasing High School Biology Ahievement by Differentially Sequenced Instructional Materials

George T. Asteriadis—Contractual Learning: A Viable Approach
to Education in the Sciences

Patricia Zeck— Seminar Procedures for High School Advanced Biology Classes

H. Marvin Bratt—The Basics of Elementary School Science

Stanley S. Shimer—How To Individualize Your Science Class By
Developing Folder Carrels

Frederick K. Ault—Helping to Conceptualize Large Numbers

James Mitchell Smith—Farm Equipment Use Costs

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