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J. M. Davis—An Agroclimatological Grid System: A Preliminary

Russell K. Stivers—Regionalizing Purdue's Soil Testing Procedures

Robert F. Dale and Patrick R. Clare—Have The Mississinewa and
Salamonie Reservoirs Changed the Climate at Marion and Huntington, Indiana

S. A. Schroeder, J. V. Mannering, and C. B. Johnson—Soil Aggregates (> 210 µ.) Transported in Runoff From Northeastern Indiana Cropland

Karl H. Langlois, Jr., Larry C. Osterholz and Frank R. Kirschner—Use of LANDSAT Imagery as a Base Map for Making
a General Soils Map

Frank R. Kirschner, Sue A. Kaminsky, and Donna K. Scholz—
Mapping Unit Composition As Defined by Digital Analyses of
LANDSAT Multispectral Data

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