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James Fernandez, Joseph Mather and Theodore Crovello—Numercial Taxonomic Studies of 336 Human Diseases, Using 82

Bryan Flueckiger and Don R. Taves—Locomotor Activity Response of Peromyscus leucopus to Accelerated Days

Betty I. Tarnowski—The Effects of Chlorine on the Development
of Rana pipiens Eggs: Preliminary Results

Steven W. Stoner and Lee Engstrom— Cytology of an Agametic
Gonad Condition in Drosophila melanogaster

William P. Shofner and Timothy A. Stabler—Influence of Gonadal Hormones on RNA Population Found in the Adrenal Gland of White Mice

Thomas A. Lesh and Anthony R. Dowell—Stabilization of Lung-Compliance in Rabbits During Natural and Artificial Respiration W. J. Eversole—Blood Pressure Studies Following Unilateral
Ureteral Ligation In Rats

C. L. DeMaio and W. J. Eversole—Effects Of An Unknown Factor
On The Development Of Adrenal Regeneration Hypertension

Mervin C. Yoder and William J. Brett—Effect of Aminoglutethimide on Autonomic Regulation of the Rabbit Heart

Vicky M. Wells and William J. Brett—Evidence for Acetylation
of Aminoglutethimide by the Rat Liver

Gregory E. Caplinger, Pete Ridlon and Larry Ganion—Mestranol
Receptor-Sites As A Relationship to Altered Cell Free Proteins

Gregory E. Caplinger and Larry Ganion— Localization of
Menstranol Receptor-Sites in the Ovary

Larry R. Ganion—An Electron Microscope and Autoradiographic
Study on the Formation of the Zona Pellucida in the Prepubertal Mouse Ovary

Rebecca J. Goff and John O. Whitaker, Jr.—A Scanning Electron
Microscope Study of Female Adrolaelaps fahrenholzi (Acarina:
Laelapidae) from the Woodchuck, Marmota monax

James C. Wilson and J. L. Albright— The Social Behavior of a
Group of Holstein-Friesian Milking Cows

George M. Labanick and Raymond A. Schlueter—Diets of Sympatric Acris crepitans and Juvenile Bufo woodhousei fowleri
in Western Indiana

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