Edward M. Dolan


Abstracts included:

Robert E. Pace and Steve Coffing. A Riverton Culture Gathering Site in Parke County.

Gary A. Apfelstadt and Robert E. Pace. Settlement Patterns Along the White River.

Emory C. Whipple. "Continuity and Change in the Political System of the Caribs of Central America."

Mark Wolfal, Phil McClure and Robert E. Pace. A Riverton Culture Base Camp in Bartholomew County, Indiana.

Alan R. Sandstrom. "Preliminary Analysis of Religious Iconograph in Nahua, Otomi, and Tepehua Paper Cuttings."

Robert E. Pace and Charles M. Anslinger. The Wilson Site: A Havana Burial Mound in Southwest Vigo County.

Francis X. Grollig. Costumbre in the Cuchimatani Mountains Guatemala.

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