• Gary E. Dolph


Abstracts included:

N. P. Maxon, C. L. Rhykerd and C. L. Rhykerd Jr. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture for In Vitro Manipulation with Agronomic Species.

William W. Bloom and Gayton C. Marks. Quantitative Experiments with Plant Catalase for the Beginning Botany Laboratory.

Theodore J. Crovello. Use of Computers to Enhance Education in Plants and Human Affairs.

Philip A. Orpurt. The Trees of the Manchester College Campus after Sixty Years.

Robert J. Lamoreaux, William R. Chaney and Richard C. Strickland. Some Effects of Cadmium on Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor Transfer in Leaves of Acer saccharinum L.

W. J. Hurkman and G. S. Kennedy. Ultrastructural Changes of Chloroplasts in Attached and Detached, Aging, Primary Wheat Leaves.

W. S. Courtis. Storing Orchid Pollinia for Future Use in Hybridization: A Preliminary Report.

Byron O. Blair, V. L. Anderson, and C. L. Rhykerd. Predicting Crop Yields by Use of Multiple Species Phenology Observations.

Paul C. MacMillan, K. Cromack, Jr. and J. E. Means. Nutrient Capital and Substrate Quality of Logs in an Old-Growth Douglas-fir Forest.

Richard C. Strickland, William R. Chaney, and Robert J. Lamoreaux. Effects of Low Levels of Available Cadmium on Height Growth, Dry Matter Accumulation and Tissue Cadmium Levels in Soybeans.

Richard C. Strickland, William R. Chaney, and Robert J. Lamoreaux. Organix matter Influences Availability, Uptake and Distribution of Cadmium in Soybeans.

Susannah Nelson, Mary Jo Donovan and Anne Susalla. Greening in Albino Plants of a Green: Albino Strain of Tobacco without the Addition of an Amino Acid to the Culture Medium.

Jay H. Jones. Possible Disadvantages of Isolating Plant Cuticles by the ZnCl<sub>2</sub>-HCl Method.

John L. Roth. The Foliar Physiognomy of an Indiana Lake Bottom and its Paleoclimatic Implication.

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Gary E. Dolph