• Ralph Jersild, Jr.


Abstracts included:

Edward A. Kimble. Light-Induced Changes in Photoreceptor Metabolism, A New Clue to Visual Function.

Ralph A. Jersild, Jr. and R. W. Crawford. The Distribution and Mobility of Anionic Sites on Intestinal Absorptive Cell Brush Borders.

William K. Stephenson and R. Scott Vander Wall. The Structure of Small Molecule Permeation Channels in Human Red Blood Cell Membranes.

Kathleen L. King, Daniel C. Williams, George B. Boder and
Richard J. Harley. Morphological and Functional Interaction of Dissociated Rat Superior Cervical Ganglion Neurons and Heart Ventricular Cells in Co-culture.

Kim E. Creek, D. James Morre and C. L. Richardson. Effect of Retinol Ralmitate on Glycolipid and Glycoprotein Galactosyl transferase activities of rat liver plasma Membrane.

Zafar Iqbal. Fast Axoplasmic Transport of Calcium is Associated with the Transport of a Protein in the Mammalian Nerve.

Meg Durkin and Charles W. Goff. The Effects of Isoproterenol on Mitosis and Cell Ultrastructure.

W. S. Courtis. Increased amounts of ATP related to cellular activation of onion leaf base tissue.

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Ralph Jersild, Jr.
Cell Biology