• Pang-Fai Ma


Abstracts included:

Stephen R. Wilson and Lawrence R. Phillips. A General Synthesis of Cyclobut-1-Enecarboxylates.

Richard Mulford, John H. Meiser, and David E. Koltenbah. Recent Progress in Radiocarbon Dating at Ball State University.

Ivan Saval, Jonathan Worstell, and Bruce N. Storhoff. The Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphine—Nitrile Systems.

Horeb Trujillo and Bruce N. Storhoff. Palladium(II) Complexes of Potentially Bidentate Phosphine—Nitrile Ligands.

Paul L. Bock. Stereochemical Probes: A Test to Distinguish Erythro and Threo Diastereomers.

John R. Ricketts and Paul A. Lang. The Behavior of the Bismuth-Bismuth Oxide Electrode in pH Determinations.

Joseph R. Siefker and Jonathan O. Brooks. Wabash River Water Analysis in the Vicinity of Sugar and Coal Creeks, Vigo County, Indiana.

J. A. Mosbo. Reaction Rates and Equilibria at Tricoordinate Phosphorus.

E. H. Appellman, K. G. Migliorese and M. N. Tsangaris. Reactions of Hypofluorous Acid with Organic Compounds.

F. O. Rice. A Research Chemist's Formula For Retirement.

Eugene P. Schwartz. Dielectric Properties of Bromanil (2, 3, 5,
6-tetrabromo-1, 4-benzoquinone).

Michael Whalon and Terry L. Kruger. New Methods of Analysis of Isomeric Diols.

Philip A. Kinsey and Richard E. Rutledge. Determination of Iron in Breakfast Cereals by X-Ray Fluorescence.

Catherine A. Dick, Terry L. Kruger, and Bruce N. Storhoff. Identification of the cis and trans Isomers of 4-t-Butylcyclohexanecarbonitrile.

Terry L. Kruger. Applications of Transactional Analysis to the Laboratory Situation.

Douglas Grinstead, Joseph Wu, Terry Kruger, and Bruce
Storhoff. Michael-Like Reactions: The Reaction of Diphenylphosphine with 1-Cycloalkene Carbonitriles.

R. Segal, D. J. Reuland and W. A. Trinler. An Investigation of the Feasibility of Classifying and Identifying Soil Samples of Forensic Interest on the Basis of Elemental Composition by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry.

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Pang-Fai Ma