• Thomas S. McComish


Abstracts included:

Louis H. Ehinger and George R. Parker. Growth of Andropogon gerardii as Affected by Seed Source, Heavy metals, and Nutrients in two Northwestern Indiana Soils.

Larry J. Miles and George R. Parker. Effects of Zinc addition to two northwestern Indiana Soils on growth of Andropogon scoparius and availability of Cd, Pb and Cu.

Paul C. MacMillan, J. E. Means and K. Cromack, Jr. Log Input and Decomposition in and Old-Growth Douglas-fir Forest.

Edwin R. Squiers. Trends in the structural organization of an early successional system: The Devon Project.

Richard W. Greene, David F. Spencer, Quentin E. Ross, and
Thomas L. Theis. Restoration of Eutrophic—Evaluation of Fly Ash as a Botton Sealant.

Craig Caupp, Eva Liu, and Toufiq A. Siddiqi. Determination of Trace Elements in Indiana Air and Sludge Samples, Using Neutron Activation Analysis.

Byron G. Torke and Bradley J. Hall. Determination of Primary Production in Four Borrow Pit Lakes in West-central Indiana.

Thomas S. McComish and Richard O. Anderson. Frozen Chrinomid Larvae as Food in Feeding Experiments with Bluegills.

Anne Spacie. A Study of Periphyton Production in the Wabash River.

David W. Morgan and Leo D. Cline. Impingement at the NIPSCO Michigan City Generating Station: A Comparison of Analysis Methods.

Cody D. Best and David W. Morgan. Factors Affecting Density of Ichthyoplankton Entrainment in Condenser Cooling Water at the NIPSCO Michigan City Generating Station.

Dolores M. Dawis and David W. Morgan. Fish Communities in the Vicinity of the Michigan City Generating Station: Preliminary Results.

Donald E. Miller. Seasonal Distribution of Bythinia tentaculata in Hamlin Lake, Mason County, Michigan.

J. R. Gammon. The Fish Community as an Indicator of Water Quality.

Alton A. Lindsey. Success of the Holdridge Life Zone Model in Yielding Potential Evapotranspiration Estimates for U.S. Weather Stations.

Sean T. Kelly and Charles M. Kirkpatrick. Evaluation of a Ruffed Grouse Reintroduction in Northern Indiana.

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Thomas S. McComish