• Ralph L. Nicholson


Abstracts included:

Jean Dickey and Morris Levy. Development of Erysiphe polygoni on susceptible and resistant races of Oenothera biennis.

Clyde G. Culbertson, M. D. Pathogenic Soil Amebas.

G. C. Bergstrom and R. L. Nicholson. The Effect of the Collectotrichum graminicola Condial Matrix on Anthracnose Development in Maize.

D. Madsen, M. Beaver, E. Bruckner, and B. Wostmann. Role of the Cecum in Bile Acid Metabolism in Germfree Rats.

N. P. Maxon, E. M. Jones, R. L. Nicholson, and C. L. Rhykerd. In Vitro Selection of Somatic Callus Sectors in Regeneration Capacity.

S. G. Newman and C. E. Warnes. Enumberation and Identification of Bacterial Chitinoclasts in Selected Indiana Waters with Emphasis on the Actinomycetes.

C. Y. Lin, W. R. Stevenson, and R. L. Nicholson. The Hypersensitive Response of Tomato to the Bacterial Wilt Pathogen, Pseudomonas solanacearum.

Author Biography

Ralph L. Nicholson
Microbiology and Molecular Biology