• Elmer Nussbaum


Abstracts included:

Ralph L. Place. A Proposed Technique for the Computer-Aided Measurement of Loudspeaker Driver Parameters.

Ying Guey Fuh and Uwe J. Hansen. Computer Analysis of Alfven Wave Data.

John A. Wisler and F. R. Steldt. The Economical Development of a Practical Holography Table.

Gary W. Erwin and Uwe J. Hansen. Pressurization Technique for Alfven Wave Studies in Bismuth.

Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. Initial Experimentation of the Thermal Pollution of the Middle Wabash River.

John Stromseth, Gary Stern and Stanley Burden. A Low-Cost,
Student-Built Communications Interface Project for an 8080A Based Microcomputer and a PDP 11/40 Minicomputer.

Kent W. Bullis and Stanley L. Burden. A Low-Cost, Student-Built Digital Integrator for Computerized Logging of Solar Insolation Data.

Malcom E. Hults and Ralph L. Place. Computer Assisted Instruction Modules for Physical Science.

Kevin E. Gardner. Construction of a Molecular Nitrogen Laser and a Tunable Dye Laser for Lifetime Studies.

Elmer Nussbaum. A Summary of Solar Energy Activities in Indiana.

Gregory Peterson. An Innovative Approach to Environmental Physics Education.

Carl C. Sartian. A Brief Report of "History of Physics in Great Britian", The Professor's View.

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