• Lawrence A. Schaal


Abstracts included:

Russell K. Stivers. Comparison of Methods for Determining Exchangeable Bases in Soils.

S. J. Kristof and R. A. Weismiller. Application of Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Mapping Vegetation.

James Mitchell Smith. Soil Science Atmospheric Science, Teaching Devices for Solar Heater and Methane Generator.

Stephen A. Justham. The Status of Tornado Preparedness Planning in Indiana's Institutions of Higher Education.

E. D. Orme and D. W. Nelson. Phosphate Chemistry of Indiana Lake and Reservoir Sediments.

Paul E. Ciesielski and Phillip J. Smith. The Influence of a Synoptic Scale Cyclone on Boundary Layer Winds Over Lake Michigan in Early Summer, 1976.

Author Biography

Lawrence A. Schaal
Soil and Atmospheric Sciences