• John O. Whitaker, Jr.


Abstracts included:

Clive W. Arave and Jack L. Albright. The Influence of Space Reduction and Behavioral Stress upon Plasma Corticoids Concentration in Dairy Cows.

Duvall A. Jones. Models for Gas Diffusion into Red Blood Cells.

William J. Brett. Circadian Rhythm of Movement in the Mexican Jumping-Bean Moth, Lspeyresia saltitans (Westwood).

Raymond A. Schlueter. Reproduction of Notropis spilopterus and Pimephales vigilax in the lower White River, Pike County, Indiana.

Larry R. Ganion. A Preliminary Study on the Effect of Vasectomy on the Biology of the Mouse Epididymis.

Belinda A. Shenk and William J. Brett. Localization of Aminoglutethimide at the Cellular Level.

Mohinder S. Jarial and Ling S. Jen. The Fine Structure of the Nictitans Gland of the Dog with Particular Reference to the Formation and Release of its Secretory Product.

H. E. McReynolds. A Distribution Study of the Blacktail Shiner {Notropis venustus) in the Clear Creek Basin.

Gary L. Tieben and John S. Halter. Food Habits of the Barn Owl Tyto Alba Clinton County, Ohio.

John O. Whitaker, Jr. and Rebecca J. Goff. Mallophaga of Wild Mammals of Indiana.

W. J. Eversole. Effects of Age on Blood Pressure in Female Rats.

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John O. Whitaker, Jr.