• Betty D. Allamong


Mohinder S. Jarial— Ultrastructure of the Anal Organ of the Larva of Drosophila Melanogaster

Z. Iqbal and N. C. Sharma— Role of a Calcium Binding Ribonucleo-protein in the Ontogenesis of Electrical Activity in the Developing Chick Embryo Brain

Kathleen L. King and George B. Boder—Toxic Effects of the Vinca
Aklaloids on Cultured Rat Midbrain: Correlation with Clinical

Larry R. Ganion and David Costill—The Effect of Endurance
Training on the Ultrastructure of Diabetic Skeletal Muscle

J. A. Sweigard, B. L. Holaway and S. N. Grove— Effects of
Cytochalasins on Growing Fungal Hypahe

Kim E. Creek, Diane Weisman and D. James Morre—Cytidine
5'-Monophosphosialic Acid Synthetase from Rat Liver

K. E. Creek, D. Weisman and D. J. Morre"— Does Cytindine
5'-Monophosphosialic Acid Synthetase Exist in Golgi Apparatus
Isolated from Rat Liver?

T. M. Kloppel, L. B. Jacobsen, D. M. Morre, P. Fink and D. J. Morre — Histological and Growth Characteristics of
Transplantable Hepatomas and Squamous Cell Carcinomas Induced in the Rat by the Carcinogen N-2-Flurorenylacetamide

J. Pearce, T. M. Kloppel, D. Goetz, K. E. Creek, J. Walter, L. A.
Geddes, M. J. Freeman and D. J. Morre— The Effect of Electrically Induced Hyperthermia on Transplantable Tumors in the Rat

Ralph A. Jersild Jr. —The Distribution of Anionic Sites on Brush
Border Membranes of Neonatal Rat Intestinal Absorptive Cells

Jesse Wood and Charles W. Goff—The Effects of Calcium Deficiency and Calcium Replacement by Strontium on Cytokinesis in Cultured Plant Cells

T. K. Spaulding, S. P. Brehm and C. W. Goff—The Effects of Caffeine on Certain Growth and Metabolic Parameters in Allium cepa

S. A. Rhine, A. Milunsky, P. Stubblefield, and G. G. Palmer—Novel Cells in the Uterus During Pregnancy

Cell Biology