• Anne A. Susalla


Abstracts included:

Philip A. Orpurt. Angelica atropurpurea L. in Indiana.

William J. Tinkle. Color of Plants in Relation to Natural Selection.

Marilyn S. Veselack and Jerry J. Nisbet. Differences in the Anatomical Structure of Good and Unusable Clarient Reed Material (Arundo donax L.).

Everett F. Morris. The Imperfect State of the Genus Penicilliopis.

Jay H. Jones and Leonard I. Ganz. A Reevaluation of Three Similar Leaf Types, Dryophyllum puryearensis Berry, Banksia saffordi Berry, and Banksia tenuifolia Berry, from the Middle Eocene of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Susan Leigh Lane and Jay H. Jones. A Reexamination of Dryophyllum moorii (Lesq.) Berry from the Middle Eocene Clairborne Formation of Western Kentucky and Tennessee.

Robert D. Williams. Period in Stratification Hastens Germination of Black Walnut Seed.

Larry R. Yoder. Establishment of Prairie Vegetation from Local Ecotypes in Marion County, Ohio.

Gary E. Dolph and Julie Young. Cuticular Variation in Five Genera of the Apocynaceae.

William D. Macklin and David L. Dilcher. Leaf Morphology of Nyssa I. A Description of the Modern Species.

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Anne A. Susalla