• Mary F. Asterita


Abstracts included:

Philip A. Beachy, Jerry D. Smucker, James A. Sweigard, and Stanley N. Grove. Effects of Antibiotic A-23187 on Spore Germination and Apical Growth in Fungi.

James A. Sweigard, Alan R. Kurtz, and Stanley N. Grove. Effects of Cytochalasin A on Spore Germination and Growth in Fungi.

Jane R. Shoup. Pattern Formation in Sexine Development of Silene Alba (Caryophyllaceae) Pollen.

William L. Elliott, D. James Morre, and P. F. Heinstein. Elevated Uridinediphosphate Kinase and Cytidinetriphosphate Synthetase Activities in Transplantable Rat Hepatomas.

Sue L. Deutscher, Kim E. Creek, and D. James Morre. Cinnamic Acid Derivatives Inhibit the Golgi Apparatus in Two Model Test Systems.

Vivian P. Walter, L. Seretto, K. E. Creek, M. Forman, and D. James Morre. Subcellular Localization of the Early Enzymes of Glycosphingolipid Biosynthesis of Rat Liver.

Sandra Schiller Smith and D. James Morre. Degradation of Adenylate Nucleotides by Golgi Apparatus Membranes.

Emily Yeo, Dorothy M. Morre, and William E. Elliott. Altered Glycogen Accumulation During 2-Acetylaminofluorene-Induced Liver Tumorigenesis in the Rat.

Warren C. MacKellar, F. L. Crane, D. J. Morre, T. Ramasarma,
and H. Low. Adriamycin Effects on Plasma Membrane NADH Dehydrogenase.

Mohinder S. Jarial. Ferritin Uptake from the Tubular Fluid in the Initial Segment of the Malpighian Tubules in Cenocorixa bifida.

Zafar Iqbal. Fast Transported Calcium-Binding Protein is Similar to Calmodulin.

M. E. Jacobs. Influence of Omega Amino Acids in Production of Tanning Pigments in Integuments.

Lisa Anselmino and Kara Eberly. Syngeneic Spleen Cell Therapy of a Transplantable Rat Myeloma.

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Mary F. Asterita
Cell Biology