• John R. Ricketts


Abstracts included:

Darlene E. Taylor and Eric R. Johnson. Copper-zinc Superoxide Dismutase Stability in Water-miscible Organic Solvent Systems.

Brenda R. Lindley and Eric R. Johnson. Studies on the Specificity of a Denaturant Stable Protease Isolated from a Commercial Protease Preparation, Pronase.

Douglass B. Williams and Eric R. Johnson. Anion Effects on the Thermal Denaturation of Bovine Copper-zinc Superoxide Dismutase.

Eugene Schwartz. Molar Refractions—A New Look at an Old Term.

Lois M. Ounapu, John M. Risley, J. A. Mosbo, and B. N. Storhoff. Ligand Steric Effects on Tungsten (O) Substitution Reactions.

Lois M. Ounapu, P. L. Bock, T. L. Kruger, and J. A. Mosbo. Equilibria Between Diols and the NMR Shift Reagent EU (fod)<sub>3</sub>.

Howard Dunn, Andrew Jorgensen, Robert DeWeese, and Michael Walker. The Dehydration of 2-Methyl-1-Phenylcyclohexanol.

Janice T. DeSanto, P. L. Bock, J. A. Mosbo, and B. N. Storhoff.
Phosphorous Ligand Cone Angles from MINDO/3 Optimized Geometrics.

Daniel P. Harper and Bruce N. Storhoff. Ambidentate Phosphine Ligands.

Donald J. Cook and Larry Boardman. The Chlorination of Several 2-Pyridones.

Lynn Sousa, Kevin Willard, and Marcus McKinley. The Stereospecificity of A New Photochemical Synthesis of ß-Lactam Molecules.

Lawrence L. Garber. The Synthesis and Properties of TRIS-(u-1-substituted tetrazole) hexadimolybdenum Complexes.

Robert C. Howe and Roberta C. Howe. The Application of Isoelectric pH and Isoelectric Point (Isokinetic Potential) for Solids—Liquid Separation.

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John R. Ricketts