• Clyde R. Metz


R. Lewis Van Atta and Robert E. Van Atta— Determination and
Phenol Equivalence by Conductometric Titration

Robert E. Van Atta and R. Lewis Van Atta— Gas Chromatographic Determination of Methyl Salicylatte in Rubbing Alcohol by Standard Addition

Robert E. Van Atta—Spectrophotometric Determination of Caffeine in Cola Drinks

Robert E. Van Atta—Turbidimetric Determination of Lead in Pottery Extract

Joseph R. Siefker and Lawrence W. French— Chemical Analysis of the Quality of Surface Water of the Wabash River of Terre
Haute, Indiana

Eugene Schwartz, R. H. Busey and R. E. Mesmer— Reaction of
Silicic Acid with Fluoride

Troy L. Ballard, John A Mosbo, and Bruce N. Storhoff— Substitution Reactions of Tungsten (0) Complexes

Geraldine M. Huitink—Studies of 7-Hydroxychromones

T. L. Kruger, J. A. Mosbo and R. Pratt—Chelation of Dialchols with the NMR Shift Reagent Eu(fod)

K. B. Lipkowitz —Non-Metal Pi-face Bonding of Cyclobutadiene

John M. Risley and Robert L. Van Etten —Studies of Oxygen Exchange Kinetics Using Pand C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

K. B. Lipkowitz and S. Scarpone — Formation and Synthetic Utility of Dihydropyrans

Martin O'Donnell, Thomas M. Eckrich, Robin L. Polt, Gilbert S.
Staten and Kathleen R. Volgler—The Synthesis of Amino Acids
by Phase-Transfer Reactions

Kenneth S. Cook and Pang Fai Ma—The Isolation of the Two
Dominating Forms of Adenosine Deaminase from Frog Tissues

Douglass B. Williams and Eric R. Johnson—Effects of Ionic Strength and Buffer Composition on the Heat Stability of Bovine Erythrocyte Superoxide Dismutase.

Emily A. Yount, Robert C. Karn, Margaret L. Crisp, and M. E.
Hodes—A Positive Ribonuclease Zymogram Technique