• Harold E. McReynolds


Abstracts included:

Robert P. McIntosh. Terrestrial Ecology: A Review of the Present State of Knowledge.

W. Herbert Senft II and Byron G. Torke. A Classification and Management Plan for Indiana Lakes.

J. R. Gammon. A Proposed Stream Classification.

H. E. McReynolds. Spatial Distribution of Resource Management Activities in Riparian Zones.

Paul McKelvey. The Indiana University Biological Station—Four Score and Five.

Deborah S. Torrey and Charles M. Kirkpatrick. Pre- and Post-Treatment Results of Aquatic Herbicide Application at Purdue Wildlife Area.

B. J. Hankins and C. L. Rhykerd. Mixed Cropping of Beans and Tomatoes Ekpo Ossom.

Edwin R. Squiers. Size-Class and Age-Class Structure in an Aspen-White Pine Successional System.

Edwin R. Squiers and Jane E. Klosterman. Competition and Spatial Patterning in an Aspen-White Pine Successional System.

James Keith. Distribution of Barrens Vegetation in Harrison and Washington Counties, Indiana.

H. H. Hobbs III. Population Studies of Indiana Cavernicolous Ostracods (Ostracoda: Entocytheridae).

D. F. Spencer and C. A. Lembi. Influence of Nutrient Concentrations on the Spatial Distribution of Pithophora Aedogonia (Chlorophyceae) in Surrey Lake, Indiana.

T. S. McComish. Notes on the Biology of the Yellow Perch in Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan in the 1970's.

Craig E. Nelson. What Determines the Species Composition of Larval Amphibian Pond Communities in South Central Indiana?

Robert A. Hunchberger and W. Herbert Senft. Factors Regulating the Abundance of Volvox aureus in a Small Borrow Pit Pond.

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Harold E. McReynolds