• Milton E. Harr


Abstracts included:

J. W. Delleur and G. Padmanabhan. A Statistical and Stochastic Analysis of Synthetically Generated Storm Drainage Quantity and Quality Data.

Ji Han and A. R. Rao. Automatic Calibration of Urban Runoff Models.

H. Yazicigil, G. H. Toebes, and A. R. Rao. A Daily Flow Forecasting Model for the Green River Basin in Kentucky.

Hasan Yazicigil and Mark H. Houck. "A Chance Constrained Stochastic LP Model to Include Risk Explicity in Optimal Reservoir Planning.

Robert H. L. Howe. Lowering of Well Water Temperature by Natural Heat Equalization.

Aldo Giorgini and A. O. Rao. Move Away, Moody Diagram!

R. H. L. Howe. A New Look at the K<sub>La</sub> Temperature Relationship in Oxygenation Processes Below 100 Degrees.

Author Biography

Milton E. Harr