• Alan C. York


Abstracts included:

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Ronald A. Hellenthal and Roger D. Price. Automated Taxomatic Procedures Applied to a Revision of Geomydoecus Lice from Pocket Gophers of the Thomomys bottae-umbrinus Complex.

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Robert M. Corrigan and Gary W. Bennett. Methods of Evaluating a Rodenticide Tracking Powder on Laboratory and Field Populations of Nuisance Bats.

Gene R. Kritsky. Possible Insect-Plant Coevolution in the Late Paleozoic.

A. K. Nelson and R. T. Huber. A New Beginning for Heat Units and the Alfalfa Weevil.

Mark Jansen and H. David Vail. How Midges Swarm: A Spatial Temporal Analysis of Chironmus riparius Flight by Computer.

E. L. Pang and H. D. Vail. Examination of the Generalized Root Modal RHIZOS in its Ability to Stimulate Corn Root Growth.

James W. Yonker and Donald L. Schuder. The Biology of the Zimmerman Pine Moth (Dioryctria zimmermani) in Indiana Landscapes with Reference to its Control.

Bridget Hoban, Durland Fish, and George B. Craig, Jr. The Influence of Organic Substrates Upon Oviposition Site-Selection in the Mosquito Culex restuans.

William J. Berry, Durland Fish, and George B. Craig, Jr. The Use of an Ovitrap Grid for Measuring Adult Movement and Population Density of the Tree-Hole Mosquito Aedes triseriatus.

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Alan C. York