• Thaddeus J. Godish


Abstracts included:

Howard E. Dunn, Jeffrey Adler, Bernard Denning, and Lana Rademacher. Chloroform in the Atmosphere Around Water Treatment Plants—Its Effect on Trace Analysis for Chloroform in Water Samples.

Howard E. Dunn, Bernard E. Denning, and Jeffrey Adler. Household Carbon Filters for Water Purification, Good or Bad?

Patrick J. Sullivan. The Environmental Assessment of New Technology.

Robert H. L. Howe. Modification of the Stream Reaeration Coefficient-Temperature Relationship.

Timothy J. Decker and Horst F. Siewert. A Study to Determine Effects of Elwood, Indiana, on the Water Quality of Big Duck Creek.

John Buck and Horst F. Siewert. Effects of Low pH Levels on Body Weight of Crayfish.

Dorothy Adalis and Richard Ringlespaugh. The Effect of Ozone on Hamster Tracheal Ring Explants.

Thad Godish. Field Investigations of Chloride Air Pollution Injury on Vegetation.

Richard W. Miller, Orie L. Loucks, Thomas V. Armentano,
Ronald W. Usher, and Larry Wong. The Impact of Air Pollutants on Crops in the Ohio River Basin.

Roland W. Usher. Assessment of Air Pollution Injury to Eastern White Pine in Indiana.

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Thaddeus J. Godish
Environmental Quality