• Donald L. Burton


Abstracts included:

Larry A. Hauser. A Numerical Analysis of the Tribes of the Brassicaceae.

Theodore J. Crovello. Relationships Between Area and Number of Taxa of the Brassicaceae in the Soviet Union.

Clifton Keller. A Botanical Expedition to Mexico.

Richard J. Jensen and Judith F. Knops. Patterns of Morphological and Phenolic Variation in a Hybridizing Population of Quercus.

James R. Aldrich and Henry Woolsey. The Rediscovery of Noteworthy Plants in Indiana.

Samuel W. Witmer. Present Status of Certain Recent Additions to our Natural Flora.

Robert D. Waltz and Elaine G. Hendricks. New Plant Records for Wayne County, Indiana.

Thomas P. Seasly, Theodore J. Crovello, and Barbara J. Hellenthal. Distribution and Boundaries Of Trees In Several Midwestern States.

R. H. Maxwell. Indiana Plant Distribution Records, Clark County.

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Donald L. Burton
Plant Taxonomy