William W. Baldwin


William W. Baldwin, Alexander A. Stemer and Marshall E.
Landay—On the Serology of Bacteroides species

M. Langona, D. Hendrickson, J. Hendrix, and D. Gobble—Investigation of Bacterial Mouth Flora of Ball State University

D. Madsen, B. Wostmann, and M. Beaver—Implications of Undesired
Effects of Antibiotic Use in Rodents

Zafar Iqbal—Isolation of a Calcium Binding Protein from Cat Brain and Spinal Cord and its Comparison with the Fast Transported Calcium Binding Protein of Cat Sciatic Nerve

Gary W. Pettibone, and Donald A. Hendrickson — An Unusual
Organism Suggestive of Beijerinckia spp. in Stream Leaf-Litter

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