Carl C. Sartain


Torsten Alvager, Walter X. Balcavage, and Weichen Tu—In
Situ Measurements of Cutaneous Fluorescence

S. Mrozowski—Production of Artificial Spin Centers on Chars

Roger L. Scott, Karen R. Hackney, and Richard L. Hackney—IUE
Satellite Observations of Several Optically Violent Extragalactic
Radio Sources

B. G. Fordham and G. P. Thomas—A Microcomputer Based Electronic Kinetic Sculpture

Vincent A. Dinoto, Jr. —Using a Kim-1 Microprocessor as a Data
Logger for Temperature Measurements in the Real World

Michael D. Loyd and Ronald M. Cosby—Thermal Analysis of a
Wind-Supplemented Residential Hot Water System

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