• Stephen A. Justham


J. R. Crum and D. P. Franzmeier—Chemistry and Mineralogy of Some Shale Derived Soils of Southeastern Indiana

Russell K. Stivers—Secondary and Micronutrient Test Data of Purdue's Soil Testing Laboratory

R. A. Dorich and D. W. Nelson— Algal Availability of Soluble
Phosphorous in Drainage Water of the Black Creek Watershed

J. B. Peterson, R. H. Beck and B. F. Robinson—Predictability of
Change in Soil Reflectance on Wetting

Gary C. Steinhardt—Effects of the Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Compacted Soils

C. E. Spaid and H. F. Siewert—A Determination of Amount of
Suspended Solids Carried into Prairie Creek Reservoir

William R. Gommel and Vivian P. Gommel—Air Temperature
Fluctuation Aboard the Fairsea During the Eclipse of 12 October

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences