Jackson L. Marr


John O. Whitaker, Jr. — Rabies in Bats From Indiana: 1973-1977

Robert R. Pinger, Ralph D. Kirkpatrick, Glen A. Nelson, Michael
J. Sinsko, Paul R. Grimstad, and Donald C. Dorsey—
Serological Evidence of Arboviral Infections in East Central
Indiana Wildlife, 1977-78

Richard O. McCraken — Mebendazole Treatment of the Invasive Phase of Experimental Trichinosis in Mice

Dennis M. Sollenberger and Richard J. Vetter —The Effects of Dose and Age on the Uptake and Distribution of Vanadium-48 in
the Abino Rat

Mary Agnes Faderan and Robert J. Stark — A Description of
Growth and Skeletal Differentiation During Chick Wing

S. Robert Hanes and Robert J. Stark — Reestablishment of Retinal-Tectal Specificity During Goldfish Optic Nerve Regeneration

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