Vol 34 (1924)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Minutes PDF

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Members, Index PDF


Stephen Francis Balcom PDF
R. W. McBride 31-32
Robert Greene Gillum PDF
L. J. Rettger 33-34
William Allen McBeth PDF
L. J. Rettger 35-37
John C. Shirk PDF
Amos W. Butler 38


Flora of Indiana: On the Distribution of the Ferns, Fern Allies and Flowering Plants PDF
Charles C. Deam 39-54
The Evolution of Botany PDF
John Merle Coulter 55-58
The Evolution of a Botanist and of a Department of Botany PDF
William Trelease 59-62
The Conservation Commission and Its Work PDF
Stanley Coulter 63-66
City "Smogs" in Periods of General Fair Weather PDF
J. H. Armington 67-70
The Types of Errors Made in the Purdue English Test by High School Boys PDF
Geraldine Frances Smith 71-74

Papers on Botany, Bacteriology, Zoology, and Entomology

The Reported Origin of Indian Corn from Teosinte PDF
Paul Weatherwax 225-227
Notes on Grasses--II PDF
Paul Weatherwax 227-228
Mechanical Injuries Caused by Weeds and Other Plants PDF
Albert A. Hansen 229-254
Water Hemlock, Cicuta Maculata L., a Biennial in Indiana PDF
Albert A. Hansen 255-256
Recent Indiana Weeds, 1924 PDF
Albert A. Hansen 256-258
Phenomena Exhibited by Fungi When Grown in Close Proximity PDF
C. L. Porter 259-260
Factors Influencing Cyanide Injury to Greenhouse Plants PDF
H. D. Brown, R. J. Otten, W. D. Reading 261-264
Hydrogen-Ion Concentration of Certain Plant Juices PDF
F. M. Andrews 265-266
Age of Scale Bark Formation in Carya Ovata PDF
F. M. Andrews 267-270
An Unusual Impatiens Biflora PDF
F. M. Andrews 271-272
The Vegetable Regions of Indiana PDF
I. C. Hoffman 273-276
Growing Our Own Crude Drugs PDF
C. J. Zufall 277-278
Michikoff Wheat PDF
A. T. Wiancko 279-282
Cabbage Diseases in Indiana PDF
C. T. Gregory 283-284
The Loose and Stinking Smuts in Indiana PDF
C. T. Gregory 285-288
Observations Concerning the Disease Susceptibility of Cereals and Wild Grasses PDF
E. B. Mains 289-296
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1923 PDF
Max W. Gardner 297-314
A Variation of Trillium Declinatum (Gray) Gleason PDF
Ray C. Friesner 315-316
Indiana Fungi--VIII PDF
J. M. Van Hook 317-320
Comparative Growth in Grazed and Ungrazed Woodlots at Purdue PDF
Burr N. Prentice 321-328
Further Studies with the Ph Indicators and Acid Production by the Colon-Typhoid Group PDF
P. A. Tetrault 329-334
Observations upon the Isolation of Nitrifying Organisms PDF
I. L. Baldwin 335-340
Exaltation of an Attenuated Strain of Trypanosoma Brucei PDF
Charles A. Behrens 341-344
Photoreceptors in the Earthworm, Lumbricus Terrestris PDF
Walter N. Hess 345-346
Further Observations on the Function of the Earwig Forceps PDF
W. P. Morgan 347-348
Formaldehyde Antidotal to "Ivy Poisoning" PDF
Robert Hessler 349-350
Further Note on the Treatment of Rhus Poisoning PDF
O. P. Terry 351-352
Studies in Life History and Control of Hog Lungworms PDF
George Zebrowski 353-366
The Physical Basis of Personality PDF
George Zebrowski 367-374
The Relation of Animal Pest Control to Conservation PDF
John J. Davis 375-382
Records of Indiana Dragonflies--I PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 383-390
New Record of the Small Short-Tailed Shrew in Indiana PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr. 391-392
Finds of the American Mastodon (Mammut Americanum) in Delaware County, Indiana PDF
R. A. Gantz 393-394
Technique of Handling Planaria in the Laboratory PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh 395-396
A Comparative Study of the Nest Life of the Towhee, Meadow Lark and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak PDF
Sidney R. Esten 397-402
Observations on Summer Birds of Winona Lake, with a List of Species PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, Sidney R. Esten 403-408

Papers on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

Methods of Determining the Composition of Amalgams PDF
M. G. Mellon 157-162
A Note on the Behavior of Cobaltous Hydroxide PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, D. L. Scoles 163-164
Farming as a Chemical Industry PDF
R. H. Carr 165-168
The Fertilization of Lawns PDF
S. D. Conner 169-170
Rhythmic Crystallization of Sodium Sulfate in Thin Agar-Agar Films PDF
F. O. Anderegg, G. W. Daubenspeck 171-176
Effect of Other Elements Upon Migration of Carbon in Steel PDF
E. G. Mahin, C. R. Hayner 177-180
A Chemical Investigation of the Water of Devils Lake, North Dakota PDF
G. A. Abbott 181-184
The Effect of Ultra Violet Light and X-Rays on the Stability of Matter PDF
Arthur L. Foley 185-194
Some Untenable Acoustic Theories PDF
Arthur L. Foley 195-196
A Photographic Method for the Measurement of the Per Cent of Polarization and Some of Its Applications PDF
B. A. Howlett 197-200
Sound Waves from Explosives PDF
John E. Smith 201-204
Photography as a Means of Measuring the Rate of Explosion PDF
John E. Smith 205-212
Measurement of the Amplification Constant of an Audio Transformer, Principle of the Neutrodyne PDF
R. R. Ramsey 213-216
The Formation of Alpha-Ray Tracks by Simple Means PDF
Charles T. Knipp, N. E. Sowers 217-220
Some Suggestions for Research in Mathematics PDF
W. E. Edington 221-224

Papers on Geology, Geography, and Archaeology

The Sub-Trenton Formations of Indiana PDF
W. N. Logan 75-80
The Genesis of the Ohio River PDF
Gerard Fowke 81-102
The Upper Chester of Indiana PDF
Clyde A. Malott 103-132
Notes on Areal Geology of Jasper County, Indiana PDF
T. M. Bushnell 133-134
Notes on the Relation of the Mt. Carmel and Heltonville Faults to the Dennison Anticline PDF
Ralph E. Esarey 135-140
Identification of Two Fossil Leaves from Iowa, One from Arizona and a "Tree Trunk" from Kansas PDF
Albert B. Reagan 141-142
Variations Among Indiana Counties in Land Values and Roads PDF
Stephen S. Visher 143-146
Contrasts Among Indiana Counties in Educational Respects PDF
Stephen S. Visher 147-154
Further Studies in Death Rates in Indiana PDF
Stephen S. Visher 154-156