Vol 35 (1925)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committes, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF


Charles Davis PDF
M. L. Fisher 27-28
Percy Norton Evans PDF
Stanley Coulter 29-31
John Newell Hurty PDF
John S. Wright 32-35
Edwin Sheldon Johonnott PDF
C. L. Mees 36-38
Thomas Carwin Mendenhall PDF
C. L. Mees 39-40
Edwin George Proulx PDF
R. H. Carr 41-42
Philip Spong PDF
H. L. Bruner 43-44


President's Address—The Earth's Framework PDF
E. R. Cumings 45-62
Biologic Sciences in our High Schools PDF
Alfred C. Kinsey 63-66
Improvement of the Disciplinary Training of High School Science PDF
Edwin M. Bruce 67-72
Phases of Science Teaching in Secondary Schools PDF
Frederik C. N. Hedebol 73-78

Papers on Geology, Geography, and Archaeology

Cloud Types PDF
W. M. Tucker 79-82
Forms of Condensation of Water Vapor PDF
W. M. Tucker 83-86
Some Geological Features of Wayne County, Indiana PDF
T. M. Bushnell 87-90
Notes on the Areal Geology of Hancock County, Indiana PDF
W. E. Tharp 91-92
The Glacial Boundary in Indiana PDF
Clyde A. Malott 93-108
Notes of the Pre-glacial Drainage of the Tradewater River, Kentucky PDF
Gerard Fowke 109-110
Fauna of the Brassfield Limestone of Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
J. Archer Culbertson 111-120
Description of Some Fossil Plants from the Stanford Paleontological Collection PDF
Albert B. Reagan 121-124
A Special Case of Drainage Adjustment near the Illinois Drift Margin in Southeastern Owen County, Indiana PDF
Arch R. Addington 125-130
Geographical Positions with a Sextant PDF
W. A. Cogshall 131-132

Papers on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

The Calcination of Dolomitic Limestones PDF
Herman T. Briscoe 133-140
The Electrometric Titration of Some Aluminum Solutions PDF
F. O. Anderegg, G. W. Daubenspeck 141-148
Notes on the Singing Hydrogen Flame PDF
W. M. Blanchard 149
Notes on the Combustion of a Candle in Chlorine PDF
W. M. Blanchard 149
Determination of the Percentage by Volume of Oxygen in the Air PDF
Ralph W. Hufferd 150
Continuation Course in Chemistry PDF
John White 151-154
Potentiometric Titrations with Hydrazine Sulfate PDF
M. G. Mellon, V. N. Morris 155-157
Adsorption of Precipitates PDF
V. N. Morris 158-164
The High Frequency Resistance of Condensers in Series PDF
R. R. Ramsey 165
On the Resistance of Radio Circuits PDF
R. R. Ramsey 166-168
Recent Progress in Fixation of Nitrogen PDF
Alfred T. Child 169-174
The Use of Determinants in College Mathematics PDF
Will E. Edington 175-178

Papers on Botany and Bacteriology

An Unusual Impatiens Biflora— II PDF
F. M. Andrews 179
Etiolation PDF
F. M. Andrews 180
Misdirected Leaves of Setaria Glauca PDF
F. M. Andrews 181
Starch Formation PDF
F. M. Andrews 182
On the Number of Chloroplasts in the Cells of the Sporophyte of Anthoceros laevis PDF
Atha A. Pinnick 185-188
Some Anomalies in the Development of the Seed of Pinus PDF
Alma Marie Bell 189-196
Plants New and Rare in Indiana—XIII PDF
Chas C. Deam 197-198
Recent Indiana Weeds, 1925 PDF
Albert A. Hansen 199-200
An Ecological Study of the Flora of Fountain Park and Portions of the Adjacent Territory: Jasper County, Indiana PDF
Winona H. Welch 201-212
Bacterial Spores for Class Work PDF
P. A. Tetrault 213-214
Bacteria in the Roots of Gleditsia triacanthos L. PDF
Gladys M. Friesner 215-224
Some Xylarias of Indiana PDF
Stacy Hawkins 225-230
A New Species of Graphium PDF
J. M. Van Hook 231
Gloeosporium hysterioideum Dear, and Barth. —A Leaf Disease of Acer saccharum Marsh PDF
J. M. Van Hook 232
Indiana Fungi— IX PDF
J. M. Van Hook 233-236
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1924 PDF
Max W. Gardner 237-258
Agglutinin Production, Frequency of Injections Varied, Dosage and Total Amount Injected Constant PDF
Charles A. Behrens 259-260
On the Non-Appearance of the Negative Phase in Treatment with Heterophile Antigen by Mouth PDF
H. M. Powell 261-264
Observations on Damage to Drills by Copper Carbonate Treated Wheat PDF
C. T. Gregory, I. D. Mayer 265-268

Papers on Zoology and Entomology

Studies in Behaviorism PDF
C. W. Hargitt 269-274
Abnormal Growth in the Incisor Teeth of the Woodchuck PDF
Walter N. Hess 275-276
A Synopsis for the Identification of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Indiana PDF
George S. Myers 277-294
A Neglected Factor in Prosthesis PDF
Edward N. Canis 295-298
Opportunities in Entomology PDF
J. J. Davis 299-302
The Insect Situation in Indiana, 1925 PDF
J. J. Davis 303-320
A Specimen of the Extinct Musk-Ox, Symbos cavifrons (Leidy) from North Liberty, Indiana PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon Jr. 321-324
Strange Visitors: The Starling, Burrowing Owl and Harris' Sparrow PDF
Amos W. Butler 325-328
Euthenics and Biography PDF
Robert Hessler 329-338
Birds of Madison County, Indiana PDF
Sidney E. Esten 339-356
Further Notes on Summer Birds of Winona Lake PDF
Louis Agassiz Test, Sidney R. Esten 357-360
Typhoid Fever Epidemic at Winona Lake during the Summer of 1925 PDF
Louis Agassiz Test 361-364
The Biota of a Section of the Upper Tippecanoe River PDF
Will Scott 365-368

Back Matter

Constitution and By-Laws, Members, Index PDF