Vol 43 (1933)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes PDF


Ernest Danglade PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 19
Gerard Fowke (Charles Mitchell Smith) PDF
Hazel Hansford, W. N. Logan 20-22
Edward Bruce Williamson PDF
J. J. Davis 23-26

President's Address

Presidential Address, Origins of Indiana's Mammals PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr 27-43

Papers of the General Session

Indirect Contributions to the Promotion of Science PDF
W. M. Blanchard 44-47

Papers on Botany and Bacteriology

Plants New or Rare to Indiana, XIX PDF
Chas. C. Deam 48-49
Notes on Indiana Grasses, 1933 PDF
J. E. Potzger 50-55
On Merthiolate and Fungi Associated with Ringworm PDF
H. M. Powell, W. A. Jamieson 56-69
Insect Galls on Species of Cuscuta PDF
T. G. Yuncker 70-71

Papers on Chemistry

Organic Compounds of Selenium, VI PDF
W. E. Bradt 72-98
The Adsorptive Capacity of Silicas for Benzene Vapor PDF
K. E. Conn, R. J. Hartman 99-104
Catalytic Oxidation of the Carbohydrates and Related Compounds by Oxygen in the Presence of Iron Pyrophosphates, III. Ethyl Alcohol, Acetaldehyde, Acetic Acid, and Sodium Acetate PDF
Ed. F. Degering 105-106
Concerning the Use of Nitro Compounds as Oxidizing Agents PDF
W. A. Fletcher, R. E. Lyons 107-112
Determination of the Degree of Hydration of Magnesia in Dolomitic Limes PDF
E. L. Fox, F. C. Mathers 113-115
The Preparation of Hydrogen Selenide by the Interaction of Selenium and Hydrocarbons PDF
Clarence Green, W. E. Bradt 116-117
Analysis of Group III PDF
Ralph W. Hufferd 118-121
On the Progenitors of Certain Plant Alkaloids and the Mechanism of their Formation in the Plant Structure PDF
Percy L. Julian 122-124
Separation of Iron from Indium with Cupferon PDF
F. C. Mathers, C. E. Prichard 125-126
The Secondary Reactions in the Preparation of Zinc Ethyl PDF
R. F. McCleary, Ed. F. Degering 127-131
Color Reactions of Amino Acids with Phenols and Hypochlorites, Including New Tests for Tryptophane and Phenylalanine PDF
F. M. Miller, R. E. Lyons 132-135
A Method for an Oxidizing Hydrolysis of Ozonides Prepared from Unsaturated Acids PDF
J. L. Riebsomer, R. C. Tallman 136-138
Some Experiments in Coloring Cellophane PDF
L. A. Test 139-141
The Dissociation Constants of Mono- and Trichloroacetic Acids in Ethyl Alcohol PDF
F. J. Welcher, H. T. Briscoe 142-153

Papers on Geology

The Garrett Mastodon PDF
Paul F. Simpson 154
Some Unusual Geode Forms PDF
W. P. Von Osinski 155-157

Papers on Physics

Multiple Resonance in Violins PDF
R. B. Abbott, R. O. Jenkins 158
A New Focusing Device for Electron Diffraction PDF
W. I. Caldwell 159-160
Magnetic Effect on a Vibrating Quartz Crystal Excited Piezo-Electrically PDF
S. H. Cortez 161-162
Effect of Sound on Space Currents PDF
S. E. Elliott 163-168
Methods of Measuring Surface Potentials PDF
J. E. Ferguson 169-170
Radio Field Intensity Measurements about Athens, Ohio PDF
D. B. Green, R. V. Kelch 171-174
The Effect of Position upon the Efficiency of Acoustical Treatment PDF
D. L. Harmon 175-181
An X-Ray Investigation of Orientated Dielectrics PDF
K. Lark-Horovitz, A. N. Ogden 182-184
The Hall and Allied Effects in Cast Bismuth Plates as Affected by the Rate of Cooling PDF
L. H. Petersen 185-189
Character of the 3S Terms in the Mercury Spectrum PDF
I. Walterstein 190-191

Physics Teaching Notes

The Production of Liquid Oxygen as a Lecture Table Demonstration PDF
Chas. T. Knipp 192
A New Lecture Table Demonstration to Show that Cathode Rays Leave the Cathode Normally PDF
Chas. T. Knipp 192
A Rotator Accessory for Showing by Analogy the Apparent Deflection of a Projectile Due to the Rotation of the Earth on Its Axis PDF
R. V. Cook 193
The Formation of Nodes and Loops on a Weighted Cord by Means of a Rotator PDF
R. V. Cook 194

Papers on Zoology

Insects of Indiana for 1933 PDF
J. J. Davis 195-200
The Effect of Lowered Temperature on Reticulocyte Formation in the Pigeon PDF
D. G. Graam 201-204
Certain Factors Influencing the Respiratory Metabolism of the Leech (Hirndo medicinalis) PDF
Wm. A. Hiestand, J. I. Singer 205-210
Records of Indiana Dragonflies—VII. 1932-33 PDF
B. E. Montgomery 211-217
Macrobrachium Ohionis, The Large Fresh-Water Shrimp PDF
R. N. McCormick 218-223
The Effect of Ultraviolet Irradiation upon Fecundity of Drosophila melanogaster PDF
E. B. Steen 224-227
Birds of Tippecanoe County IV PDF
L. A. Test, F. H. Test 228-234
The Gross Anatomy of a Two-Bodied Lamb PDF
T. W. Torrey 235-237

Back Matter

Membership List, Junior Academy of Science Chapters, Index PDF