Vol 44 (1934)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting PDF

President's Address

President's Address: Story of Synthetic Rubber PDF
J. A. Nieuwland 17-21

Papers of the General Session

There Were Giants in Those Days PDF
Will E. Edington 22-38
Bibliography of Barton Warren Evermann PDF
W. S. Blatchley 39-42

Program of the Section on Botany

Program of the Botanical Section PDF
M. S. Markle 43-44

Papers on Botany

Influence of Temperature Changes on the Water Content of Salix and of Helianthus PDF
Edith A. Purer, Delzie Demaree 45-46
Pteridophytes of Lawrence County PDF
Ralph M. Kriebel 47-52
Plants New or Rare to Indiana, XX PDF
Chas C. Deam 53-54
Indiana Fungi, XIII PDF
J. M. Van Hook 55-64
Further Studies of Indiana Algae PDF
M. E. Britton, B. H. Smith 65-68
The Anatomy of Anomalous Grass Hymenachne Amplexicaulis PDF
James L. Haynes 69-72
Distribution of Water in Ricinus PDF
Delzie Demaree 73-75
The Effect of Phosphorescent and Fluorescent Minerals Upon the Growth of Fungi in Cultures PDF
John Norman Porter 76-78
Rare Gasteromycetes of Indiana PDF
A. R. Bechtel 79-80
Anthracnose of Betula Nigra PDF
J. M. Van Hook, R. C. Busteed 81
Notes on Indiana Grasses, 1934 PDF
J. E. Potzger 82-86

Program of the Section on Chemistry and Bacteriology

Program of the Section on Chemistry and Bacteriology PDF
L. B. Howell 87

Papers on Chemistry and Bacteriology

The Adsorption of Diphtheria Toxin and Toxoid on Colloidal Gels PDF
F. A. Miller, Mary Ann Miller 88-92
The Action of Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate in Experimental Pneumococcus Infection PDF
H. M. Powell, W. A. Jamieson 93-99
Purification of Suspensions of the Virus of Vaccinia by Means of Carbon Dioxide PDF
C. A. Behrens, F. A. Nielsen 100-117
The Mechanism of Carbon Oxidation in the Presence of Certain Metallic Oxides PDF
Don Martin, J. E. Day 118-120
A Hymolal Salt Test for Potassium PDF
E. A. Wildman 121-123
Syntheses in the Biphenyl Series PDF
David D. Hartley, Robert E. Lyons 124-128
Catalytic Oxidation of the Carbohydrates and Related Compounds by Oxygen in the Presence of Iron Pyrophosphates PDF
Ed F. Degering 129-131
Acyl Derivatives of Ortho-Aminophenol PDF
C. E. Sparks, R. E. Nelson 132-134
Selenium Derivatives of Salicylic Acid PDF
R. E. Nelson, G. S. Boase 135-137
Activity Coefficients of Bismuth Chloride in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions PDF
Thos. De Vries, E. M. Hattox 138-143
The Synthesis of Alkyl Acetylenes From Calcium Acetylide PDF
Thomas H. Vaughn, James P. Danehy 144-148

Program of the Section on Geology and Geography

Program of The Section on Geology and Geography PDF
J. E. Switzer 149

Papers on Geology and Geography

Some Features of a Small Cavern at Marengo, Crawford County, Indiana PDF
Marion M. Fidlar 150-160
Karst Windows PDF
Wm. Von Osinski 161-165
The Ginkgo Petrified Forest PDF
Viva D. Martin 166-167
Regional Contrasts in Death Rates in Indiana (Study No. 3) PDF
Stephen S. Visher 168-173
Probable Worm Castings ("Coprolites") in the Salem Limestone of Indiana PDF
Robert R. Shrock 174-175

Program of the Section on Physics and Mathematics

Program of the Section on Physics and Mathematics PDF
Rolla V. Cook 176

Papers on Physics

New Application of Traveling Magnetic Fields PDF
Leonard R. Crow 177-178
New Phenomena in Association With Sucking Effects of Solenoids PDF
Leonard R. Crow 179-180
A Demonstration Method of Measuring Dielectric Coefficients at High Frequencies PDF
Arthur L. Foley 181-182
Analysis of Musical Sounds by Means of a Neon tube PDF
James F. Mackell 183-185
Diaphragmless Microphones PDF
Horace M. Trent 186-191
A Study of the Velocity of Sound in Solutions PDF
Horace M. Trent 192-195

Program of the Section on Zoology

Program of the Zoological Section PDF
Fred Donaghy 196-197

Papers on Zoology

Insects of Indiana for 1934 PDF
J. J. Davis 198-206
Some Spiders of the Genus Tetragnatha PDF
Edward Kintner 207-209
Herons Along Big Flat Rock River in Rush County, Indiana PDF
Chester M. Alter, David O. Alter 210-211
External Features of the Larva of Hydromyza Confluens PDF
Cleveland P. Hickman 212-216
Hypertension: Biologically Considered PDF
Robert Hessler 217-222
Five Double Recessive Eye Colors in Drosophila PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh, V. A. Sutfin 223
The Length of the Reticulocyte Cycle in Pigeons PDF
Dona Gayler Graam 224-227
White Herons in Indiana PDF
Amos W. Butler 228-230
Records of Indiana Dragonflies, VIII, 1934 PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 231-235
An Annotated List of the Membracidae of Indiana (Homoptera) PDF
Howard O. Deay, George E. Gould 236-243
Notes on the Spotted Turtle in Northern Indiana With Special Reference to Secondary Sexual Differences PDF
Chapman Grant 244-247

Junior Academy of Science

Junior Academy of Science Program, Minutes, and Clubs PDF

Back Matter

Constitution of the Indiana Academy of Science, By-Laws, Editorial Policy PDF
List of Members, Index PDF