Vol 48 (1938)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting, Codified list of duties of officers, Junior Academy of Science, Meetings of related groups, New members PDF


Necrology PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 1-7

President's Address

Presidential Address: A plan for accomplishing more effective research PDF
Eli Lilly 8-11


Archeology PDF
Glenn A. Black 12
Some possible sixteenth and seventeenth century locations of the Shawnee PDF
Erminie W. Voegelin 13-18
The Muskhogean Indians PDF
Paul Weer 19-22
Ofo-Biloxi sound correspondences PDF
C. F. Voegelin 23-26
Relationships among various Clark County sites PDF
E. Y. Guernsey 27-32


Bacteriology PDF
P. A. Tetrault 33-34
The rapid identification of Streptococcus agalactiae PDF
Alfred H. Brueckner, Stanley E. Hartsell 35-43


Botany PDF
Floyd E. Beghtel 44-47
Leaf-spot of black cherry PDF
Robert E. Wean 48-49
A phytosociological study of the woody plants constituting twenty-five type forests of the Illinoian Till Plain in Indiana PDF
Scott McCoy 50-66
Plant structure as influenced by soil moisture PDF
Charlotte L. Grant 67-70
Myxomycetes of Clark County, Indiana, II PDF
William D. Gray 71-73


Chemistry PDF
Frank V. Graham 74
An oxidation method for the proof of the structure of substituted mandelic acids PDF
J. L. Riebsomer, Howard Burkett 75-76
Chemiluminescent decomposition products of citric acid PDF
Evans W. Cottman, R. B. Moffett, S. M. Moffett 77-78
Adsorption of pancreatic enzymes PDF
J. H. Young, R. J. Hartman 79-86
The preparation of acetyl bromide from acetic acid and bromine in the presence of red and yellow phosphorus PDF
Bernard Gwynn, Ed. F. Degering 87-88
A study of the preparation of the lower alkyl iodides PDF
W. W. Binkley, R. F. Duncan, Ed. F. Degering 89-91
The bromination of acetone in non-aqueous solutions PDF
William H. Cathcart, R. H. Treadway, H. T. Briscoe 92-97
Action of ammonia on hexynyl magnesium halides PDF
G. F. Hennion, G. M. Wolf 98-101
Molal boiling point constant for butylacetylene PDF
G. F. Hennion, John Goncher 102-103
Nitration of saturated hydrocarbons PDF
H. B. Hass 104-106
Iodine number of oil of peppermint PDF
Lawrence H. Baldinger 107-109
Isotopic exchange equilibria PDF
William H. Hamill 110-112

Geology and Geography

Geology and Geography PDF
S. S. Visher 113-117
Geophysics in the training of a geologist PDF
Fred Serviss 118-120
Wind-polished pebbles from northern Newton County, Indiana PDF
M. M. Fidlar 121-123
Mineralization in the Harrodsburg limestone PDF
Gordon F. Fix 124-128
The heavy minerals of the Mansfield sandstone of Indiana PDF
H. Richard Gault 129-136
Indiana data on lightning, hail, squall-wind and tornado frequencies and damage PDF
Stephen S. Visher 137-142
Indiana distribution and yield of corn, wheat and oats PDF
Stephen S. Visher 143-156


Mathematics PDF
J. E. Dotterer 157
Note on linkages PDF
M. H. Ahrendt 158-161
The solution of Bernoulli's differential equation by means of integrating factors PDF
Will E. Edington 162-163
Symmetric Jacobi polynomials PDF
Allen P. Cowgill 164-170


Physics PDF
S. E. Elliott 171-176
A method of measuring the total output of speakers PDF
D. B. Green 177-182


Psychology PDF
A. R. Eikenberry 183-186
Responses of psychotic patients to the Thurstone personality schedule before and after metrazol treatment PDF
Willis H. McCann 187-189
Measuring affective experience PDF
H. E. Geiger 190-192
A technique for measuring consumer attitude toward any advertisement PDF
Ruth E. Karslake 193-195
The construction and evaluation of a scale to measure attitudes of stutterers toward any social situation PDF
Elna S. Huffman 196-197
A preliminary study of sex differences in food likes and dislikes PDF
Lyle Tussing 198-199


Zoology PDF
Henry G. Nester 200-201
Notes on the hypogaeic ant Proceratium silaceum Roger PDF
Clarence Hamilton Kennedy, Mary Talbot 202-210
The development of a second generation of the European corn borer, Pyrausta nubilalis Hbn., in Indiana PDF
G. A. Ficht 211-215
Radiation of Drosophila melanogaster with low-intensity ultra-violet light for one complete generation. I. Effect on crossing-over in the second chromosome PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh, Catherine Galloway Paradise 216-221
Radiation of Drosophila melanogaster with low-intensity ultra-violet light for one complete generation. II. Effect on crossing-over in the first chromosome PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh, J. E. Shaw 222-226
A note on the occurrence of the spotted turtle, Clemmys guttata (Schneider) in Indiana PDF
Cecil B. Hamann 227
Banding studies of the blue jay PDF
Louis A. Test, Frederick H. Test 228-232
Additional data concerning human intestinal parasite infections in Indiana PDF
William Hugh Headlee 233-237
A preliminary survey of the surviving species of Caudata of Vigo County and vicinity PDF
Wm. P. Allyn, Clarence Shockley 238-243
Notes on Indiana fresh-water sponges PDF
Edward Kintner 244-245
Indiana mastodons PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr 246-247

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Index PDF