Vol 49 (1939)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting, Junior Academy of Science, Meetings of related groups, New members PDF


Necrology PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 1-5

President's Address

Presidential Address: Parasitism as a way of life PDF
Truman G. Yuncker 6-15


Archeology PDF
Paul Weer 16
The problem of the atlatl PDF
E. Y. Guernsey 17-21
Report on progress at Angel Mounds during 1939 PDF
Glenn A. Black 22
Ethnological notes on the Ottawa PDF
Paul Weer 23-27
Culture parallels to the Delaware Walam Olum PDF
Erminie W. Voegelin 28-31
Remarks regarding the pictographs of the Walum Olum PDF
Eli Lilly 32-33
The Lenape and Munsee dialects of Delaware, an Algonquian language PDF
C. F. Voegelin 34-37
Birch bark records among the Chippewa PDF
Vernon Kinietz 38-40


Bacteriology PDF
W. A. Jamieson 41
Correlation of the oil-water distribution ratios of some substituted acids with their bacteriostatic properties PDF
George C. Gross, Ed. F. Degering, P. A. Tetrault 42-44
Sulfo-Merthiolate as a germicide PDF
H. M. Powell, W. A. Jamieson 45-53
Equine encephalomyelitis PDF
A. H. Brueckner 54-61


Botany PDF
Winona H. Welch 62-63
History of Indiana bryology PDF
Winona H. Welch 64-68
The Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures of Baarn, Netherlands PDF
C. L. Porter 69-72
Notes on Indiana grasses, 1938, 1939 PDF
J. E. Potzger, Chas. M. Ek 73-74
The effect of bacterial contaminations upon the subsequent growth of fungi in the same medium PDF
C. L. Porter 75-76
A study of certain viruses pathogenic to the tomato PDF
R. W. Samson 77-83
New Agaricaceae of the Chicago region PDF
John B. Routien 84-85
Some studies of the genus Elymus PDF
Floyd E. Beghtel 86-88
Notes on some Indiana plants PDF
R. M. Tryon, Jr. 89-90
A titrimetric method for the determination of nicotine in tobacco tissues PDF
Ray F. Dawson 91-93


Chemistry PDF
H. T. Briscoe 94
The adsorption of potassium ferrocyanide and ferric sulfate by Prussian blue PDF
E. W. Kanning, A. W. Campbell 94-100
The preparation of amino alcohols PDF
Kenneth N. Campbell, B. K. Campbell 101-104
Enzymatic action in the presence of some common antiseptics PDF
O. E. Rumple, R. J. Hartman 105-114
A photographic determination of the relative intensities of three chemiluminescences PDF
Evans W. Cottman 115-116
The action of the esters of chlorosulfonic acid on di-n-butylamine PDF
W. W. Binkley, Ed. F. Degering 117

Geology and Geography

Geology and geography PDF
T. M. Bushnell 118
The true value of the earth's rotation as a deflective factor PDF
A. V. Lott 119-130
Glacial Lakes Quincy and Eminence PDF
W. D. Thornbury 131-144
Heavy mineral assemblages from upper Cambrian formations as exposed at Coon Valley and Victory, Wisconsin PDF
Allan R. Ostrander 145-150
An outline of the classification of Indiana soils PDF
T. M. Bushnell 151-158
The sun spot cycle and temperature departures at Indianapolis, Indiana, 1872-1936 PDF
Wallace T. Buckley 159-162
Weathering of ferruginous beds in the Pennsylvanian of Greene County, Indiana PDF
Robert R. Shrock 163-168
Calcareous incrustation formed on cascades at the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Indianapolis PDF
Robert R. Shrock, Bernard Vonnegut, Henry F. Herpers 169-174


Mathematics PDF
P. D. Edwards 175-176
The integrating factor R = xmyn for certain first order differential equations PDF
Will E. Edington 177-178


Physics PDF
R. B. Abbott 179-181
Conductivity of circular openings in Helmholtz resonators PDF
R. B. Abbott, D. E. Allen 182-184
The characteristics of a low voltage arc in a magnetic field PDF
A. Guthrie, J. O. Hancock 185-190
The alpha particle bombardment of magnesium PDF
R. L. Doran, W. J. Henderson 191-194
A simple method for obtaining the solutions of Dirac's equation for a free particle in spherical coordinates PDF
J. F. Carlson 195


Psychology PDF
Ammon Swope 196-198


Zoology PDF
C. P. Hickman 199-201
Recent experimental work on the mammalian adrenal cortex PDF
C. P. Hickman, R. R. Overman 202-208
A table for the normal development of Rana pipiens PDF
Dorothy C. Miller 209-214
Radiation of Drosophila melanogaster with low-intensity ultra-violet light for one complete generation. III. Effect on crossing-over in the second chromosome of the male PDF
S. A. Rifenburgh, Martha Walker, Joy Dillistin Johnson 215-226
Intestinal parasitism in a group of university students PDF
William Hugh Headlee 227-230
Modified respiratory movements during egg laying in the hen PDF
N. C. Wheeler, W. C. Randall, W. A. Hiestand 231-232
Some gross anatomical relations of the male urogenital system and other internal organs in Eumeces fasciatus PDF
Albert E. Reynolds 233-242
Notes on Indiana Noctuidae PDF
G. A. Ficht 243-254

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