Vol 51 (1941)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Winter Meeting, Junior Academy of Science PDF


Necrology PDF
Will E. Edington 1-12

President's Address

Presidential Address: The Indian as a Corn Breeder PDF
Paul Weatherwax 13-21


A new concept of origin and evolution PDF
Arthur T. Evans 22-29


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Thomas B. Noble, Jr. 30
A Cedar Point "Glacial Kame" burial PDF
Eli Lilly 31-33
Trait complexes at the Angel site PDF
Glenn A. Black 34-43
Notes on Ojibwa-Ottawa pictography PDF
Erminie W. Voegelin 44-47
Word distortions in Delaware Big House and Walam Olum songs PDF
C. F. Voegelin 48-54
Provenience of the Walam Olum PDF
Paul Weer 55-59
The culture sequence of the Ohio Falls Sites PDF
E. Y. Guernsey 60-67
A report of progress of the botanical study at the Angel Mounds Site PDF
Helen M. Marsh 68


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
C. G. Culbertson 69-70
Isolation of Clostridium felsineum from samples of Indiana mud PDF
L. S. McClung 71-72


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
R. E. Cleland 73-75
Lectic green PDF
Albert A. Dietz, Ed. F. Degering, H. H. Schopmeyer 76-77
Mary Parry Haines, 1826-1884 PDF
Seville Flowers 78-82
Respiration studies on germinating white-oak acorns PDF
Raymond E. Girton, Edgar R. Park 83-86
Colchicine-induced tetraploidy in Oenothera PDF
Adolph Hecht 87-93
Certain aspects of the nutrition of tomato seedings in sand culture PDF
Wendell R. Mullison 94-99
Additions to the Hepaticae of Indiana 1 PDF
Dorothy Parker 100-102
Studies in Indiana Bryophytes IV PDF
Winona H. Welch 103-113
A note on the precocious germination of dodder seed PDF
T. G. Yuncker 114-115
A new station for Orobanche ludoviciana PDF
A. T. Guard, W. H. Silver 116-117
Meeting of plant taxonomists PDF
M. S. Markle 118-119
Indiana plant distribution records, II. 1941 PDF
Charles C. Deam, Ralph Kriebel, T. G. Yuncker, R. C. Friesner 120-129


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
J. L. Riebsomer 130-131
Experiments with hydrogen-exchange zeolites for preparing acids PDF
Frank C. Mathers, Melville Yancey 132-134
Rapid preparation of a carbonate-free standard base solution PDF
Walter E. Thrun 135
Synthetic resins and base exchange phenomena PDF
Philip J. Elving, Meyer H. Danzig, G. Bryant Bachman 136-145
The effect of NaCl, KC1, Na 2 S0 4 and K 2 S0 4 on glass membrane potentials PDF
Eugene W. Kanning, James A. Stoops 146-149
The dissociation constant of methylamine at 25° C. PDF
Eugene W. Kanning, A. F. Schmelzle 150-153
The relation between intensity of chemilumin-escence and depth of the luminescing solution PDF
Evans W. Cottman 154-157
The hydration of mixtures of 1-heptyne and 1-heptene PDF
Kenneth N. Campbell, Edward J. Tomcik 158-160
The preparation and reactions of lithium urea PDF
Kenneth N. Campbell, Barbara Knapp Campbell 161-164
Equilibria in solutions PDF
William H. Hamill 165-166
Relative electronegativity. II. The origin and development of the concept PDF
Ed. F. Degering, Leslie Gillette, Karl Schaaf 167-172
Derivatives of starch. I. Historical review of the acetyl derivatives of starch PDF
Charles A. Burkhard, Ed. F. Degering 173-177

Geology and Geography

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Robert Karpinski 178
Population changes in Indiana, 1840-1940 PDF
S. S. Visher 179-193
A population map for Indiana for 1940 PDF
Wallace T. Buckley 194-200
Helictites in the New Discovery at Wyandotte Cave, Indiana PDF
Preston McGrain 201-206
Some observations concerning the historical geography of Indiana. Part 1 PDF
J. E. Switzer 207-214
The origin of the Devil's Backbone, Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
Grant T. Wickwire 215-219
The chick hatchery industry in Indiana PDF
W. D. Thornbury, James R. Anderson 220-227
The operation of the basic wind system PDF
A. V. Lott 228-233


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
R. E. Martin 234-236
On the oscillation of coupled circuits PDF
R. R. Ramsey 237-244
The floating needle PDF
Arthur L. Foley 245-246


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
H. N. Fitch 247
Generalization and organization as factors in transfer and retroactive inhibition PDF
Esther J. Swensen 248-255
A study of the answers to true-false questions marked to indicate confidence in correctness PDF
Alma Long 256-260


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
W. E. Martin 261-266
Hormones in arthropods PDF
W. E. Martin 267-272
The distribution and relative seasonal abundance of the Indiana species of Enallagma (Odonata: Agrionidae) PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 273-278

Back Matter

New members, Index PDF
Meeting of entomologists PDF