Vol 72 (1962)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, New Members of the Year 1962, Junior Academy of Science PDF


Necrology PDF
Will E. Edington 38-49

President's Address

Presidential Address PDF
Harry G. Day 50-58


Incidence of Arthritis in a Prehistoric Middle Mississippian Indian Population PDF
F. H. Chapman 59-62
Personality, Race, and Physique in College Women PDF
L. M. Robbins 63-66
The Aymara and Uru Indians of the Peruvian Altiplano PDF
F. X. Grollig 67-68
Role Interaction as a Factor in Kinship Classification PDF
D. D. Raibourn 69-79
Is There an American Negro Race? PDF
H. W. Neumann 80-81
The Peopling of the Philippines PDF
C. C. Sapaula 82-85


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Gordon Mallett 86
Rearing Germfree Rats on Chemically Defined, Antigen Low Diets PDF
J. R. Pleasants, B. S. Wostmann 87-92
Thiamine and Anti-Microbial Defenses PDF
P. L. Knight 93-96
Antibody Formation in Germ-free Chickens PDF
B. S. Wostmann, G. B. Olson 97-102


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Paul Weatherwax 103-104
Bryophytes of Cabin Creek Raised Bog PDF
W. H. Welch 105-107
Indolebutyric Acid Failed to Aid Black Walnut Seedling Development PDF
R. D. Williams 108-111
White Ash, Hackberry, and Yellow-Poplar Seed Remain Viable when Stored in the Forest Litter PDF
F. B. Clark 112-114
Bioassay Methods for Geotropically Active Growth Substances PDF
A. H. Westing 115-117
Some Factors Influencing Rhizoid Formation in Female Gametophytes of the Marsileaceae PDF
W. W. Bloom 118-119


Abstract of paper not published in full PDF
Frederic Schmidt 120
Radical Reactions of Peroxides and Disulfides PDF
W. A. Pryor 121-122
The Hydrolysis of Sulfamic Acid PDF
R. B. Fischer, P. Haffley 123-126
The Determination of the Apparent Molal Volumes and Viscosities of Some Electrolytes in Anhydrous Ethylenediamine at 25° C PDF
F. C. Schmidt, W. F. Hoffman, W. B. Schaap 127-131
An Alternative Mechanism to the Stork Ring Enlargement PDF
A. G. Cook 132-135
Studies on the Wet-belly Disease of the Mink PDF
W. L. Leoschke 136-138


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
B. Elwood Montgomery 139-141
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana in 1962 PDF
J. V. Osmun 142-149
Studies of the Eggs of Odonata PDF
C. S. Zehring, A. Alexander, B. E. Montgomery 150-153
Interesting Diptera Collected in Indiana Walnut Groves PDF
D. W. Hamilton 154-157
Further Notes on Rates of Development of the Naiads of Neotetrum pulchellum (Odonata) PDF
J. M. Macklin, B. E. Montgomery 158-160
Response of the House Fly, Musca domestica, to Electric Lamps PDF
H. O. Deay, J. G. Taylor 161-166
The Occurrence of the Cereal Leaf Beetle, Oulema melanopa (L.), in Indiana, 1962 PDF
J. J. Favinger, M. A. Moussa 167-168
The West Lafayette Mosquito Control Program PDF
D. Hall 169-170

Geology and Geography

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Lowell Dillon 171-173
Dubois County, an Exception to the General Trend PDF
L. I. Dillon 174-176
The Relation of the Changing Facies of the Mansfield Formation to Possible Park Sites on Western Indiana PDF
C. L. Bieber 177-181
Alluviated Cave Springs of South-Central Indiana PDF
R. L. Powell 182-189
Manufactural Geography of Hammond, Indiana PDF
A. H. Meyer, N. Mitchell 190-211
Distribution of the Inglefield and Dicksburg Hills Sandstone Members in Posey and Vanderburgh Counties, Indiana PDF
C. E. Wier, W. A. Girdley 212-217
Our Recreational Needs and Long-Ranged Potential Plans for Public Outdoor Recreation in Indiana PDF
T. F. Barton 218-227
Smithville, Amo, and Coatesville PDF
John Fraser Hart 228-235
The Relative Relief of Monroe County PDF
W. W. Knowles 236-238

History of Science

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Ned Guthrie 239
Indiana's Yield of Eminent People Compared with That of Nearby States PDF
S. S. Visher 240-242
A Century and A Quarter of Geology at Hanover College PDF
S. C. Adams 243-245


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
John Yarnelle 246


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
R. T. Dufford 247-248
Measurement of the Thermal Neutron Diffusion Parameters of Water by the Pulsed Neutron Method PDF
M. M. Bretscher 249-255

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts not published in full PDF
Grady Webster 256-258
Some Observations on Pollination and Compatibility in Magnolia PDF
C. B. Heiser, Jr. 259-266
Records of South Texas Rust Fungi PDF
G. B. Cummins 267-269
Studies in Indiana Bryophytes XIII PDF
W. H. Welch 270-278
Notes on Some Algae Found in Indiana PDF
W. A. Daily 279-281
Analysis of an Original Forest of the Lower Wabash Floodplain and Upland PDF
A. A. Lindsey 282-287


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
S. M. Berger 288-289
Effect of Nonoptimally High Incubation Temperature on Frequency of Pecking and on Color Preferences in the Chick PDF
W. C. Gunther, R. K. Jones 290-299

Soil Science

Tomato Response to Nitrogen Fertilization in Indiana PDF
G. E. Wilcox 300-306
The Relation of pH to Available Phosphate and Potash in Purdue Soil Tests, 1961 PDF
R. K. Stivers 307-312
The Micronutrient Status of Soybeans in Indiana as Determined by Foliar Analysis PDF
S. R. Wilkinson, A. J. Ohlrogge 313-318
The Erodibility of Some Indiana Soils PDF
T. C. Olson, J. V. Mannering, C. B. Johnson 319-324
Natural and Fission-produced Radioactivity in Four Indiana Soils PDF
I. Akalan, J. L. White 325-329
Origin, Characteristics, and Management of the Soil Associations of Allen County PDF
A. L. Zachary, D. F. Post 330-337
Some Aspects of Soils and Soil Survey on the Island of Maui, Hawaii PDF
C. W. Guernsey 338-339


The Southeastern Shrew (Sorex longirostris) in Indiana PDF
R. E. Mumford, C. L. Rippy 340-341
The Occurrence of the Whistling Swan (Cygnus Columbianus) in Delaware County, Indiana PDF
R. H. Cooper 342-343
The Effect of Parental Age on the Duration of Life of Mated and Non-mated Progeny in Drosophila melanogaster PDF
D. M. O'Brian 344-347
Notes on the Ecology of the Milliped, Pleurloma butleri, in Migration PDF
M R. Garner 348-350
A Simple Method for Collecting Hydra PDF
W. W. Bloom 351-352
Some Effects of Nonoptimally High Incubation Temperatures on Chicken Blood Chemistry PDF
W. C. Gunther, R. K. Jones 353-361
Some Dietary Factors in Experimental Liver Cancer PDF
W. J. Eversole 362-366

Back Matter

Instructions for Contributors, Index to Volume 72 PDF