Vol 76 (1966)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Program, Reports, New Members for the Year 1966 PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 42-53

President's Address

Presidential Address: "Whither the Indiana Academy of Science?" PDF
Carrolle A. Markle 54-62


Special Sesquicentennial Symposium: The History of Indiana Science PDF
William R. Eberly 63-64
The History of Bacteriology in Indiana PDF
L. S. McClung 65-70
Indiana Botany in Retrospect PDF
P. Weatherwax 71-80
Chemistry in Indiana at the State's Sesquicentennial PDF
M. G. Mellon 81-94
A Brief History of Geography in Indiana PDF
S. S. Visher 95-102
A Century and a Half of Geology in Indiana PDF
W. N. Melhorn 103-115
Mathematics in Indiana, 1816 to 1966, from the Rule of Three to the Electronic Computer PDF
W. E. Edington 116-128
Physics: Its Development in Indiana PDF
H. F. Henry 129-141
The History of Plant Taxonomy and Ecology in Indiana PDF
M. S. Markle 142-150
A History of Soil Science in Indiana 1816-1966 PDF
T. M. Bushnell 151-163
History of Zoology in Indiana PDF
M. R. Garner 164-170
A Note on the Academy's John Shepard Wright Memorial Library PDF
B. Malin 171-172


Brief Sketch of the Racial History of Selected Ethnic Groups of Siberia PDF
B. R. Huelsman 173-178


Abstracts PDF
Morris Wagner 179-182
Lysozyme Activity in the Serum, Saliva and Tears of Germfree and Conventional Rats and Mice PDF
D. R. Makulu, M. Wagner 183-190
Factors Affecting Steroid Excretion in the Rat PDF
T. F. Kellogg, B. S. Wostmann 191-192
Histidine Decarboxylase in the Adult Rat PDF
B. S. Wostmann 193-198


Abstracts PDF
Jonathan N. Roth 199-203
Nutrient Assimilation by Algae in Waste Stabilization Ponds PDF
C. M. Palmer 204-209
Dictyosomes in Vegetative Hyphae of Pythium ultimum PDF
S. N. Grove, D. J. Morre, C. E. Bracker 210-214
Some Responses by Members of the Marsileaceae Grown Under Field Conditions PDF
W. W. Bloom, K. E. Nichols 215-216
The Differential Effect of Mercuric Chloride on Growth of Certain Fungi Associated with Corn Seed PDF
H. M. Leon-Gallegos 217-220


Abstracts PDF
Robert E. Davis 221-222
An Inexpensive Low Voltage Paper Strip Electrophoresis Apparatus PDF
L. Darlage 223-226
Success in Freshman Chemistry. A Predictive Analysis of Chemistry 115 at Purdue with a Single Class of 1100 Students in 1962 PDF
R. E. Davis 227-235
Boron Hydrides. XII. The Synthesis and Infrared Spectra of NaBH3D and NaBD3H PDF
R. E. Davis, R. E. Kenson 236-240


Abstracts PDF
Donald E. Miller 241-242
Use of Large Scale Forest Maps for Teaching Forest Sampling Methodology PDF
M. T. Jackson, P. R. Allen 243-250
Rapid Estimation of Forest Parameters Using Monareal and Polyareal Combination Sampling PDF
T. W. Beers 251-258


Abstracts PDF
Ray T. Everly 259
Review of Factors Affecting the Abundance of the Corn Leaf Aphid PDF
R. T. Everly 260-264
Field Tests with Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner in an Apple Orchard PDF
R. E. Dolphin, M. L. Cleveland, T. E. Mouzin 265-269
Three Pine Weevils New to Indiana PDF
D. L. Schuder 270-271
Studies on the Color Patterns in Crosses of Tropisternus from Western Mexico with Other Color Forms of the Tropisternus collaris Complex (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) PDF
F. N. Young 272-278
Experimental Hybridization of an Insular Form of Tropisternus collaris (Fabricus) with Mainland Subspecies (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) PDF
B. M. Dancis 279-283
An Indiana Record of Amblyomma americanum (L.) PDF
J. E. Wappes 284-285
Aquatic Beetles of a Northern Indiana Lake PDF
M. E. Montgomery, G. L. Ward 286-290
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1966 PDF
R. T. Huber, J. V. Osmun 291-307
Records of Indiana Coleoptera, III PDF
N. M. Downie, C. E. White 308-316

Geology and Geography

Geology and Geography PDF
Lee Guernsey 317
Geology and Mining of Gypsum in Southwestern Indiana PDF
R. R. French 318-322
Perennial and Ephemeral Streams and Lakes Map of Indiana PDF
R. Miles 323-327
Late Wisconsin Glacial History of the Area Around Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
A. F. Schneider, G. H. Johnson 328-334
Some General Aspects of the Physical Geography of the Southeastern Portion of the Canon City Embayment, Colorado PDF
H. E. Kane 335-338
Notes on a New Pattern and Process of Physical City Development: The Web Theory PDF
T. F. Barton 339-346
Factors Affecting the Location of Steam-Electric Generating Plants of the American Electric Power System PDF
G. W. Webb 347-352
An Example of Consumer Control of Location: Service Stations PDF
D. R. Crowe, J. R. Norwine 353-356


Abstracts PDF
Robert E. Wise 357
Comparison of Two Techniques for Determining Linear Absorption Coefficients PDF
D. E. Tiano, J. F. Houlihan 358-366

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Thomas R. Mertens 367
Some Taxonomic Problems with Viburnum dentatum and Observations of Blephilia ciliata PDF
G. C. Marks 368-370

Soil Science

Abstracts PDF
James M. Smith 371
Conductive Heat Exchanges at Terrestrial Surfaces as Influenced by Changing Air Density PDF
P. A. Miller, J. E. Newman 372-376
Electrokinetic Measurements of Colloidal-Laden Flow Through a Sand Column PDF
E. J. Monke, D. M. Edwards 377-385
Agricultural Applications of Remote Multispectral Sensing PDF
R. M. Hoffer, C. J. Johannsen, M. F. Baumgardner 386-396


Abstracts PDF
Russell Mumford 397-399
A Preliminary Study of the Gastrotricha of Northern Indiana PDF
G. H. Pfaltzgraff 400-404
Alcohol Dehydrogenases in the Pupae of Drosophila melanogaster PDF
T. A. Cole, J. B. Snodgrass 405-407
A Comparative Study of Plethodon glutinosus and Plethodon jordani (melaventris) with Respect to External Form PDF
A. E. Reynolds 408-420
Preliminary Studies of the Succession of Bacterial Genera Involved in the Maceration of Some Birds PDF
B. C. Troyer, J. H. Hamon 421-425
Effects of Embryonic Temperature Stress on Handedness and Variability in Chicks PDF
W. C. Gunther 426-430
Fleas of Vigo County, Indiana PDF
J. O. Whitaker, Jr., K. W. Corthum, Jr. 431-440

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF