Vol 77 (1967)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Medal Awarded, Officers, Committees, Minutes, Financial Statement, Reports, Research Grant Policy PDF
  ii, 1-36
Full Membership List PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 37-46

President's Address

Presidential Address: Indiana's New System of Scientific Areas and Nature Preserves PDF
Alton A. Lindsey 75-83


Science: Boon or Bane? PDF
Ralph E. Cleland 84-94


Abstracts, Notes PDF
Georg K. Neumann 95-97
Regression Formulae for the Reconstruction of the Stature of Hopewellian and Middle Mississippi Amerindian Populations PDF
G. K. Neumann, C. G. Waldman 98-101
Mortality Profile of the Middle Mississippian Population of Dickson Mound, Fulton County, Illinois PDF
R. L. Blakely, P. L. Walker 102-108
Water and Soil Conservation by Prehistoric Indian Cultures in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico PDF
E. C. Griffin 109-112
Racial Continuity in Lower Nubia: 12,000 B.C. to the Present PDF
D. R. Burnor, J. E. Harris 113-122


Abstracts PDF
J. S. Ingraham 123-126


Abstracts, Notes PDF
S. N. Postlethwait 127-131
The Nodal Complex in Grasses PDF
P. Weatherwax 132-135
The Effect of Sulfhydryl Inhibitors on Plant Cell Elongation PDF
W. R. Eisinger, D. J. Morre 136-143
Localization of Callose Deposits in the Pollen Tubes of Lilium longiflorum Thunb PDF
L. M. Alves, A. E. Middleton, D. J. Morre 144-147
A Study of Sleep Movements in the Genus Marsilea PDF
C. J. Kroening, W. W. Bloom, K. E. Nichols 148-151
A Circadian Rhythm in the Sleep Movements of the Marsileaceae PDF
K. E. Nichols, W. W. Bloom 152-153

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Ralph Jersild 154-158
Immunochemical Identification of Very Low Density Serum Lipoproteins in Golgi Apparatus from Rat Liver PDF
A. E. Middleton, D. J. Morre, L. M. Alves, R. L. Hamilton, R. Mahley 159-163
Endoplasmic Reticulum—Dictyosome—Secretory Vesicle Associations in Pollen Tubes of Lilium longiflorum Thunb PDF
W. J. VanDerWoude, D. J. Morre 164-170


Abstracts PDF
G. Bryant Bachman 171-175
Aqueous Solution Studies of 0-Tolyl Biguanide Complexes of Cobalt (II), Copper (II), and Nickel (II). PDF
J. R. Siefker, L. J. Jardine 176-182


Abstracts PDF
Marion T. Jackson 183-184
Ecology of the Southernmost Sympatric Population of the Brook Stickleback, Culaea inconstans, and the Ninespine Stickleback, Pungitius pungitius, in Crooked Lake, Indiana PDF
J. S. Nelson 185-192
The Fish Populations of Big Walnut Creek PDF
R. S. Benda, J. R. Gammon 193-205
Relationship of Mus, Peromyscus and Microtus to the Major Textural Classes of Soils of Vigo County, Indiana PDF
J. O. Whitaker, Jr. 206-212


Abstracts PDF
George H. Bick 213
Damage to Field Corn by Symphylans PDF
G. E. Gould, C. A. Edwards 214-221
Nine Species of Ants (Formicidae) Recently Recorded from Indiana PDF
J. R. Munsee 222-228

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Allan F. Schneider 229-230
The Upper Alluvial Terrace Along the Ohio River Valley in South-Central Indiana PDF
W. T. Straw 231-235
The Geology and Geomorphology of Wyandotte Cave, Crawford County, Indiana PDF
R. L. Powell 236-244
The Survey of Blue Spring Cave, Lawrence Co., Indiana PDF
A. N. Palmer 245-249
Subterranean Drainage Routes of Lost River, Orange County, Indiana PDF
S. H. Murdock, R. L. Powell 250-255
Terrain Analysis by Computer PDF
A. K. Turner, R. D. Miles 256-270
The Tinley Moraine in Indiana PDF
A. F. Schneider 271-278
The Erie Lobe Margin in East-Central Indiana During the Wisconsin Glaciation PDF
W. J. Wayne 279-291
Stratigraphic Classification of Rocks of Pennsylvanian Age in Indiana PDF
C. E. Wier 292-298
An Investigative Study of Six Indiana Coals PDF
L. V. Miller 299-304
Selected Effects of Glacial Till on the Physical Characteristics and Existing Land Use of Indiana's Strip Mined Lands PDF
L. Guernsey 305-311
Lack of Planning or Failures in Pre-construction Planning of the Monroe Reservoir PDF
T. F. Barton 312-320
Analysis of Retail Site Locations in Terre Haute, Indiana PDF
C. F. Dinga 321-325
A More General Approach to the Concept of Threshold Population PDF
D. A. Blome 326-334

History of Science

History of Science PDF
L. H. Baldinger 335
Biographical Sketches of Indiana Scientists, IV PDF
W. E. Edington 336-339
The Development of the Science Departments at Indiana University PDF
E. E. Campaigne 340-346


Abstracts, Notes PDF
Konstantin Kolitschew 347-348

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Damian Schmelz 349-350
Hookeriaceae Species and Distribution in North and Central America and West Indies PDF
W. H. Welch 351-356
A Taxonomic Study of Genus Polygonum, Section Polygonum (Avicularia) in Indiana and Wisconsin PDF
A. D. Savage, T. R. Mertens 357-369
Teratological Androecia of Saponaria officinalis PDF
G. S. Marks 370-372

Soil Science

Abstracts PDF
A. L. Zachary 373
Characteristics of Purdue Soil Testing Data from Plugs Taken Out of Experimental Plots PDF
R. K. Stivers 374-376
An Aerodynamic Method for Sizing Sands and Other Granular Materials PDF
R. W. Skaggs, L. F. Huggins, E. J. Monke 377-388
The Temperature Factor in Corn Production in Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
L. A. Schaal, B. O. Blair 389-395
Characterization of the Pembroke Soils from Indiana PDF
D. F. Post, H. P. Ulrich 396-404
Quantitative Minerological Analysis of Soil Clays PDF
D. F. Post, J. L. White 405-412


Abstracts, Notes PDF
J. Hill Hamon 413-416
Some Intestinal Parasites of Robins from Marion County, Indiana PDF
J. B. Baker, J. H. Hamon 417-419
Effects of Aminoglutethimide on Corticosteroids in Adrenal Vein Plasma of the Rat PDF
R. K. Zwerner, W. J. Eversole 420-426
Effects of Amino-glutethimide and Diphenylhydantoin Sodium on the Rat Adrenal Cortex PDF
P. A. Holdaway 427-433
Some Studies of the Spermatozoa of Certain Species of the Icteridae (Blackbirds) PDF
J. P. Allen, J. H. Hamon, R. W. McFarlane 434-441
Amphibian Breeding Dates in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
D. Rubin 442-444
Adaptive Changes in Cardiac Muscle Activity under Hypozia of High Altitude PDF
J. McGrath, M. Banerjee, R. W. Bullard 445-449

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF