Vol 82 (1972)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Financial Report, Annual Report, Necrology, Membership List PDF
  ii-xi, 3-54

President's Address

Pharmaceutical Research: Its Contributions to Science and Medicine PDF
Otto K. Behrens 57-66


The P's and Q's of Modern Astronomy PDF
Frank E. Edmondson 67-70


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 71
The Cataract Lake Furnaces: Historic Archaeology in Owen County, Indiana PDF
E. M. Dolan, R. E. Pace 72-77
Continued Excavations at the Daughtery-Monroe Site PDF
S. K. Cupp, G. W. Kline 78-85
Preliminary Investigations at Kuester Site PDF
G. Apfelstadt 86-90
Round Lake: Remnants of a Late Woodland Site in Starke County, Indiana PDF
S. L. Lucas 91-96

Botany and Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 97-100
Plant Diseases in Indiana in 1972 PDF
S. C. Wolf 101-108
Rhizoid Initiation in Relation to Gravitation Presentation Time in Marsilea Megagametrophytes PDF
W. W. Bloom, K. E. Nichols 109-112
The Flora of Spencer County, Indiana. I PDF
A. R. Mergen 113-115
Procedures and Problems in the Incorporation of Data from Floras into a Computerized Data Bank PDF
C. Keller, T. J. Crovello 116-122
Studies in Indiana Bryophytes XV PDF
W. H. Welch 123-128

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 129-133
Separation of Plant Membrane Proteins by Ion Exchange Chromatography PDF
W. N. Yunghans, D. J. Moore 134-136
Two Types of Lipoprotein Particles in Golgi Apparatus of Rat Liver PDF
W. D. Merritt, D. J. Morre 137-141
Differential Effects of Divalent Cations on Plant Membranes PDF
F. A. Williamson, D. J. Moore 142-148


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 149-151
The Isolation and Characterization of Tissue Extracts of Erythronium americanum and Erythronium albidum PDF
D. J. Dyman, R. E. Van Atta 152-155
Thermal Decomposition of Sodium Acetylacetonate PDF
E. Boschmann, W. A. Althaus 156-160
Coumarins as Fluorescent Indicators of Metal Ions PDF
G. M. Huitink 161-166
Titration Errors Associated with the Use of Gran Plots in Selected Potentiometric Titrations PDF
S. L. Burden, D. E. Euler 167-175
Quantitative Chemical Analysis of Specific Components of the Waters of Lost Creek and the Wabash River, Vigo County, Indiana PDF
D. G. Lesniak, M. C. Tavenner, J. R. Siefker 176-180


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 181-183
A Preliminary Description of the Physcio-Chemical Characteristics and Biota of Three Strip Mine Lakes, Spencer County, Indiana PDF
M. W. Coe, D. V. Schmelz 184-188
Two Decades of Vegetational Change in the Ross Biological Reserve PDF
H. J. Von Culin, A. A. Lindsey 189-197
Breeding Bird Censuses in Old-Growth Deciduous Forests PDF
J. D. Webster, D. L. Adams 198-206


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 207
Generation Models for Synthetic Annual and Monthly Flows for Some Indiana Watersheds PDF
J. W. Delleur, I. T. Kisisel 208-213
Control Considerations for V/STOL Aircraft PDF
R. L. Swaim 214-221
A Computer Atlas of Hydrologic and Geomorphologic Data for Small Watersheds in Indiana PDF
J. W. Delleur, M. T. Lee, D. Blank 222-226


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 227-234
Why Snakefeeder? Why Dragonfly? Some Random Observations on Etymological Entomology PDF
B. E. Montgomery 235-241
Preliminary Annotated List of Indiana Aphididae PDF
V. R. Knapp 242-264

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 265-269
A Macro and Meso Scale Analysis of Sunshine Climates in Central Indiana PDF
T. Stevens 270-273
Strontium and Other Notable Chemical Constituents of Well-water of Allen County, Indiana PDF
C. F. Foley, N. K. Bleuer, R. K. Leininger, W. C. Herring 274-280
Clay and Shale Resources of Spencer County, Indiana PDF
G. S. Austin 281-289
An Evaluation of Acid-Producing Sandstones in Warrick County, Indiana PDF
V. P. Wiram 290-296
Sandstone Aquifers in Eastern Sullivan County, Indiana PDF
C. E. Wier, C. R. Glore, A. F. Agnew 297-302
Statewide Geologic Maps of Indiana PDF
J. B. Patton, H. H. Gray 303-309
The Geology of Water: The Limiting Factor in Urban Development PDF
A. Mirsky 310-317
Stratigraphy of the Blue River Group (Mississippian) in Putnam County, Indiana PDF
P. Nelson 318-325
The Type Section of the Pendleton Sandstone PDF
R. William Orr, W. H. Pierce 326-334
Microseism Activity in Indiana PDF
M. M. Varma, R. F. Blakely 335-340
Feasibility of Midwest Crustal Studies Based on Earthquake Surface Wave Ellipticities PDF
J. L. Sexton, J. Mead, A. J. Rudman 341-346
A New Application of Down-ward Continuation of Gravity Field PDF
A. J. Rudman, M. M. Varma 347-353
Stratigraphic, Floral and Faunal History of a Wisconsinan Silt Deposit PDF
B. Gray 354-360
Karst Development in Calcareous Tufa Deposits Along Flint Creek, Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
D. W. Ash, M. Rurk, W. N. Melhorn 361-368

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 369-372
Partial Characterization of Fumarase from an Extreme Thermophilic Bacterium Isolated in Indiana PDF
K. Bitzinger, R. F. Ramaley 373-378


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 379-384

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 385-390
Developing School Administrators as Agents of Change for Science Curriculum Implementation PDF
G. H. Krockover 391-394
Attitudinal Changes in Selected 6th Grade Students Participating in the Indianapolis Public Schools Residential Outdoor Education Program, Spring, 1972 PDF
D. E. Van Meter 395-399
The Laboratory Culture of Diatoms for Class Use PDF
G. C. Marks, W. W. Bloom 400-402

Soil Science

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 403
Relationship of Various Indices of Water Quality to Denitrification in Surface Waters PDF
L. B. Owens, D. W. Nelson 404-413
Soil Temperatures in Indiana PDF
L. A. Schaal, W. L. Stirm, J. E. Newman 414-420
The Influence of Temperature and Moisture Variation in Storage Upon Soil Test Values for Potassium PDF
R. K. Stivers 421-423
Chemical Composition of Sewage Sludge from Selected Indiana Cities PDF
L. E. Sommers, D. W. Nelson, J. E. Yahner, J. V. Mannering 424-432


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 433-437
The Prevelence of the 47, XYZ Chromosome Abnormality in Selected Human Populations PDF
E. E. Exley, T. R. Mertens 438-442
Experiments on Standard Metabolism of Bluegill, Lepomis macrochirus PDF
S. J. Eggleston, T. S. McComish 443-447
Fishes of Vigo County, Indiana PDF
J. O. Whitaker, Jr., D. C. Wallace 448-464
Distributional Summary of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Vigo County, Indiana PDF
D. C. Rubin 465-468
Effects of Sex and Route of Administration on Water Diuresis in Elipten-Treated Rats PDF
W. J. Eversole 469-473

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