Vol 84 (1974)

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Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Annual Financial Report, Annual Report, Biological Survey, Necrology, New Members PDF
  iii-xi, 3-48

President's Address

Roots in the Soil and Water and Sky PDF
Damian V. Schmelz 51-54


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 55-56
Notes on the Lowe Flared Base Projectile Point PDF
Gerald W. Kline, Gary Apfelstadt 57-64
Prairie Creek: A Stratified Site in Southwestern Indiana PDF
Curtis H. Tomak 65-68


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 69-70
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana—1974 PDF
Paul C. Pecknold, Walter R. Stevenson, Donald H. Scott 71-84
Effect of Power Plant Passage on Algal Primary Productivity PDF
Robert S. Benda, John Gulvas, Thomas Neal 85-88
Chieftain No. 20 Flora (Middle Pennsylvania) of Vigo County, Indiana PDF
Roger F. Boneham 89-113
Stump Casts of Arborescent Lycopods PDF
David L. Dilcher, Raymond H. Pheifer 114-121
Black Walnut Trees of Southern Origin Growing Well in Indiana PDF
Calvin F. Bey, Robert D. Williams 122-128

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 129-132
Homologous Inhibition of Myoblast Fusion In Vitro PDF
William E. Bishop, Alice S. Bennett 133-138
Chelator Inhibition as a New Approach to the Mechanism of Energy Coupling in Biological Membranes PDF
Iris L. Sun, D. C. Phelps, R. T. Crane, F. L. Crane 139-146
New Ionic Redox Agents for the Study of Photosynthesis PDF
R. Barr, D. Rosen, F. L. Crane 147-159
Regression of Crown Gall Tumors of Bean Leaves Induced by Glucosamine PDF
C. L. Richardson, M. Barr, D. James Morre 160-165
Isolation and Characterization of Sphereosomes from Aleurone Layers of Wheat PDF
C. L. Jelsema, D. James Morre, M. Ruddat 166-178
Altered Golgi Apparatus Architecture in Animal and Plant Tumors PDF
Patricia McCarthy, C. L. Richardson, W. D. Merrit, D. James Morre 179-186


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 187-193
Detection of Nonspecific Phosphodiesterase in Polyacrylamide Gels PDF
Marquis Z. Hodes, Robert C. Karn, M. E. Hodes 194-197
Dehydration of Chloral Hydrate PDF
Howard Burkett 198-206
The Hydroloysis of Schiff Base Derivatives of p-Phenylazoaniline PDF
Robert F. Romanet, John A. Ricketts 207-212


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 213-215
Floristic Change in the Ross Biological Reserve, 1950-1971 PDF
Henry J. Von Culin, Alton A. Lindsey 216-221
Analysis of Two Old-Growth Forests on Poorly-Drained Clermont Soils in Jennings County, Indiana PDF
Marion T. Jackson, William B. Barnes 222-233
Donaldson's Woods: Two Decades of Change PDF
Damian V. Schmelz, James D. Barton, Alton A. Lindsey 234-243
Lead Concentrations in Selected Streams and Fishes of Central Indiana PDF
Nicholas G. Schmutte, Phillip A. St. John 244-249
Threatened Species: A Review of the Eastern National Forests' Studies of These Animals PDF
H. E. McReynolds 250-258


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 259-262
A Study of the Control of Electric Power Interchange in the Kentucky-Indiana Power Pool Through the Use of Series Capacitors PDF
P. W. Sauer, G. T. Heydt 263-275
Pollutional Load Allocation Study of the Grand Calumet River and Indiana Harbor Ship Canal PDF
Robert Wrightington 276-282


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 283-286
The Occurrence of the Pigeon Fly, Pseudolynchia Canariensis (Macquart) in Indiana PDF
Darryl Sanders, John Petersen 287-288
Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood XIV) in Indiana in 1974 (Homoptera-Cicadidae) PDF
Frank N. Young 289-293
Institutional Insect Collections in Indiana PDF
W. P. McCafferty 294-306
Host List of Indiana Aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) PDF
Virgil R. Knapp 307-312
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1974 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 313-322

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 323-325
Selected Socio-Economic Characteristics of Recent Residents in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
Chris Larson, Lee Guernsey 326-329
Geologic Guidelines for Statewide and Regional Land-Use Planning in Indiana PDF
Henry H. Gray 330-335
Application of Geology in Developing a Master Plan in Boone County, Indiana PDF
J. M. Wilkerson, T. R. West 336-342
Joints in Carbonate Rocks in South-Central Indiana PDF
Richard L. Powell 343-354
Probabilities and Return Periods of Earthquake Intensities in Indiana PDF
Robert F. Blakely, Madan M. Varma 355-361
Buried Pinchout of Saginaw Lobe Drift in Northeastern Indiana PDF
N. K. Bleur, M. C. Moore 362-372

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 373
House Bill No. 246 Revisited PDF
Arthur E. Hallerburg 374-399
History of Indiana Department of Natural Resources: A Symposium PDF
John F. Favinger, John Patton, Robert Hollingsworth, Burt Hamrick, Louis Hasenstab, Robert Jackson, W. B. Barnes 400-404
History of the Phosphate Detergent Ban in Indiana PDF
William B. Eberly 405-414

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 415
W-Muricholate: A Tertiary Bile Acid of the Wistar Rat PDF
D. C. Madsen, L. Chang, B. Wostmann 416-420


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 421-424

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 425-430

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 431-437
QUICK--A Preliminary Report PDF
T. G. Luce, S. Fletcher, R. N. Hurst, T. Frederic 438-442

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 443
Air Quality Changes Associated with the Atmospheric Transport of Total Suspended Particulate in and Around Chicago PDF
Michael D. Abel, James E. Newman 444-455
A Rapid and Accurate Procedure for Estimation of Organic Carbon in Soils PDF
Darrell W. Nelson, L. E. Sommers 456-462
Indiana Soil Associations Compared to Earth Resources Technology Satellite Imagery PDF
G. C. Steinhardt, D. P. Franzmeier, J. E. Cipra 463-468
Time of Plowing, Nitrogen Rate, and Cover Crop for Corn on Chalmers Silt Loam PDF
Russell K Stivers 469-474


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 475-480
Cadmium and Lead Levels in Palestine Lake, Palestine, Indiana PDF
Randall S. Wentsel, James W. Berry 481-490
Foods of Some Fishes from the White River at Petersburg, Indiana PDF
John O. Whitaker Jr. 491-499
Seasonal Activity of Bats at an Indiana Cave PDF
Russell E. Mumford, John O. Whitaker 500-507

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