Vol 86 (1976)

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Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Financial Report, Annual Report, Biological Survey, Necrology, New Members, Energy Report PDF
  iii-xii, 3-88

President's Address

Chemistry, Science, and Culture PDF
Donald J. Cook 89-98


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 99-100
An Incised Mortuary Head Rest Stone From Madison County, Indiana PDF
B. K. Swartz Jr. 101-103
Field Forensic Anthropology: The Excavation of Human Remains Under Adverse Conditions PDF
Charles P. Warren 104-110


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 111-116
The Effect of Prostaglandins on Photosynthesis PDF
R. Barr, F. L. Crane 117-122
Some Algae of Lake Galatia, Grant County, Indiana (exclusive of diatoms) PDF
Gail E. Shew, Leland L. Hardman 123-126
Naturally Occurring Mature American Chestnut Trees (Castanea dentata) in Northwest Indiana PDF
James Willut, Gayton Marks, Garland Hicks 127-130
Gaultheria procumbens at Pine Hills, Indiana its Measured Decline, 1951-1971 PDF
Daniel B. Ward 131-140

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 141-142
A Study of the Ultrastructural Changes in Two Irradiated Tissues of Differing Radio-sensitivities PDF
W. J. Adam, R. J. Vetter 143-153
The Oligosaccharides of Serum Lipoproteins: A Brief Review and Localization of an Apoprotein Sialyl Transferase in Golgi Apparatus and Partial Purification of the Enzyme PDF
Mark Eppler, D. James Morre 154-160


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 161-165
Inhibitor Effects of Three Adenosine Analogs on ADP Induced Platelet Aggregation PDF
Barth H. Ragatz, Panayotis G. Iatridis 166-170


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 171-176
Volume Changes in an Old-growth Beech-Maple Forest over a 10-year Period PDF
Marion T. Jackson, D. Brian Abrell 177-181
The Effect of Suspended Solids on Macroinvertebrate Drift in an Indiana Creek PDF
David S. White, James R. Gammon 182-188
Analysis of Fluoride in Vegetation in the Vicinity of Wabash Smelting, Wabash, Indiana PDF
James T. Streator, Susan W. Burkholder 189-192
Food and External Parasites of the Norway Rat, Rattus norvegicus, in Indiana PDF
John O. Whitaker Jr. 193-198
A Tree Census of Pre- and Post-Tornado Forest Conditions of Happy Valley, Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
John B. Bailey, P. C. MacMillan 199-202
Food Habits of the Spottail Shiner in Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan in 1973 PDF
Robert O. Yager, Thomas S. McComish 203-208
The Status of Indiana Streams and Fish from 1800 to 1900 PDF
J. R. Gammon 209-216
Ecological Adaptation of Certain Forage Species on Shallow Muck Soils PDF
B. O. Blair, C. L. Rhykerd, R. E. Mullen, W. O. Jones, J. J. Vorst 217-224


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 225-226


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 227-230
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1976 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 231-237
Mosquito Diversity in St. Joseph County, Indiana (Diptera: Culicidae) PDF
D. A. Shroyer, R. F. Beach, L. Munstermann, J. Peloquin, J. L. Petersen, R. P. Smith, D. B. Taylor 238-241
New Indiana Records of Aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) PDF
Virgil R. Knapp 242-243
Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood XXIII) in Indiana in 1976 PDF
Frank N. Young, Ross B. Zimmerman 244-245
Culex Mosquito Populations in the Catch Basins of Northern St. Joseph County, Indiana PDF
Leonard E. Munstermann, George B. Craig Jr. 246-252
Smithistruma filitalpa W. L. Brown, an Indiana Dacetine Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Jack R. Munsee 253-256

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 257-262
Surface Morphology of Fly and Bottom Ash as Seen with the Scanning Electron Microscope PDF
Donald W. Ash, Thomas Fernalld 263-268
Environmental Geology of Carroll County, Indiana PDF
Roger F. Boneham, Keith Burton 269-276
A Study of the Geologic Section at Bloomington, Indiana, Using Rayleigh Wave Displacement Amplitude Ratios PDF
Ralph W. Knapp, Judson Mead, Robert F. Blakely 277-284
A New Crinoid Fauna From the Harrodsburg Limestone (Mississippian) of Southern Indiana PDF
James R. Welch, N. Gary Lane 285-289
Astogenetic Variability in a Frond of Polypora laevinodata (Hall) (Bryozoa) PDF
James F. Stratton, Alan S. Horowitz 290-292
Preliminary Report on a Late Pleistocene Death-trap Fauna from Monroe County, Indiana PDF
Steven Alan Volz 293-307
A Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of the Brookville Reservoir in Southeastern Indiana PDF
Lois E. Nelson, Gary W. Barrett 308-316
Post-Glacial Deltas in the Region of the Great Bend of the Wabash River PDF
G. T. Richardson, T. F. West 317-325
The Application of Remote Sensing Techniques in Microscale Climatology PDF
S. N. Goward, J. E. Oliver 326-337
The Sedimentation of Morris Pond, Posey County, Indiana PDF
John S. Moore, Paul F. Pedone 338-346

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 347-348
Was Theodore Roosevelt the Last to See Wild Passenger Pigeons? PDF
Alton A. Lindsey 349-356
A History of the Biological Survey Committee of the Indiana Academy of Science 1891-1976. Part I: 1891-1935 PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 357-376

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 377-378
Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana—1976 PDF
D. A> Komm, D. H. Scott, W. R. Stevenson, P. C. Pecknold 379-384
Hormone Effects on NADH-oxidizing Enzymes of Plasma Membranes of Rat Liver PDF
Debra P. Gayda, F. L. Crane, D. J. Morre, H. Low 385-390
Colicin El Induced Depolarization of the Bacterial Inner Membrane PDF
J. Michael Gould, W. A. Cramer 391-404


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 405-406

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 407-408
A New Leaf Mutation in Black Walnut (Juglans nigra L.) PDF
Stephen G. Pennington, Walter F. Beineke 409-412

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 413-418

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 419-421
Inventory of a Nature Preserve Area in Lake County, Indiana Using Satellite MSS Data PDF
S. J. Kristof, F. R. Kirschner, R. A. Weismiller, S. A. Kaminsky 422-427
Glacial Lake Patoka: A Geomorphic Reinterpretation Using Soil Survey PDF
Russell Boulding 428-434
Chemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of Selected Indiana Soils PDF
D. W. Nelson, C. B. Roth, L. E. Sommers 435-444
An Analysis of Worst Case Meteorological Days Versus Poor Dispersion Days During Emergency Episodes PDF
David R. Maxwell 445-447
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Tiller Population of Cool-Season Grasses PDF
C. L. Rhykerd, B. O. Blair, C. H. Noller, R. E. Mullen, J. M. Hertel, J. J. Vorst 448-452


Abstracts PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 453-460
Nesting Studies of the Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea) at Thornhill, Indiana PDF
Fred D. Morgan 461-465
A Range Extension of Peropteryx Kappleri (Family Emballonuridae) In Central America PDF
Anne M. Cartwright, Ralph D. Kirkpatrick 466
Seasonal Changes in Soil Arthropod Species Diversity as Affected by Perturbation in Three Successional Communities in Northeastern Indiana PDF
James D. Haddock, N. David Schmidt 467-473
Soil Environment and Respiration as Influenced by Secondary Succession and Chlordane on Three Northeast Indiana Sites PDF
N. David Schmidt, Gerald E. Bendixen, James D. Haddock 474-477
Ontogenetic Changes in Phototactic Behavior of Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum (Amphibia: Urodela) PDF
Stephanie Jo DeNeff, David M. Sever 478-481
Effects of Prolactin on Active Sodium Transport Through The Skin of Hypophysectomized Newts PDF
T. H. Gieske 482-489
Pineal Gland Prothyroid Stimulating Substance in White Leghorn Cockerels PDF
Walter R. Rathkamp 490-495
The Influence on Hybridization Between Drosophila melanog aster Females and D. simulans Males of Early Exposure to the Other Species PDF
Michael Eoff 496-500
Ectoparasites and Food Habits of the Opossum, Didelphis virginiana, in Indiana PDF
John O. Whitaker Jr., Gwilym S. Jones, Rebecca J. Goff 501-507

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