Vol 87 (1977)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Reports, Necrology, Members PDF
  ii-xiii, 3-71

President's Address

Presidential Address: Chemistry, Science, and Culture PDF
Donald J. Cook 72-80


Abstracts PDF
Edward M. Dolan 81-82
Forensic Anthropology—Theory and Practice PDF
Charles P. Warren 83-89
An Early Woodland Burial from Greene County, Indiana PDF
Curtis H. Tomak, Norma J. O'Connor 90-98


Abstracts PDF
Gary E. Dolph 99-104
The Root Rot of Black Walnut Seedlings Caused by Phytophthora critricola PDF
R. C. Ploetz, R. J. Green, Jr. 105-112
Seeding Orchardgrass in an Established Stand of Alfalfa PDF
C. L. Rhykerd, B. O. Blair, N. P. Maxon, R. E. Mullen, J. J. Vorst 113-115
Eighteen-Year Performance of an Eastern White Pine Genetic Test Plantation in Southern Indiana PDF
Robert D. Williams, David T. Funk 116-119
Notes on the Construction of Leaf Size Distributions PDF
Gary E. Dolph 120-125

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Ralph Jersild, Jr. 127-130
Sialic Acid Elevated in Experimental Liver Cancer PDF
Thomas M. Kloppel, Dorien Sarles, Linda B. Jacobson, D. James Morre 131-137
Extraction and Purification of a Factor which Stimulates Silicomolybdate Reduction by Photosystem II of Spinach Chloroplasts PDF
L. Leonard, R. Barr, F. L. Crane 138-142
Electrophysiological Characterization of the Ionic Selectivity of Necturus Proximal Tubule PDF
Mary F. Asterita 143-156


Abstracts PDF
Pang-Fai Ma 157-162
Optimization of reaction Conditions for the Preparation of Subunits from Variant Hemoglobins PDF
Barth H. Ragatz, Gina Modrak 163-166


Abstracts PDF
Thomas S. McComish 167-173
Primary Productivity and Chlorophyll α of Selected Northern Indiana Lakes PDF
Thomas E. Lauer, Kenneth A. Frato 174-181
Distribution of Stream Fishes in Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
Kevin D. Curry, Anne Spacie 182-188
Reproductive Ecology of the Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum, in Northern Indiana PDF
David M. Sever, Clarence F. Dineen 189-203
A Study of the Relationship between Phytoplankton Abundance and Trace Metal Concentrations in Eutrophic Lake Charles East, Using Correlation Techniques PDF
David F. Spencer, Richard W. Greene, Thomas L. Theis, Hung Yiu Yeung, Quentin E. Ross, Elizabeth E. Dodge 204-212
Factors Controlling Eutrophication in Lake Monroe PDF
William Chang 213-216
Bacterial Examination of Four Borrow Pit Lakes in East Central Indiana PDF
Carl E. Warnes 217-221
Terrestrial Flora and Vertebrate Fauna of Four East-central Indiana Borrow Pit Lakes PDF
Elizabeth S. Maxwell, Ralph D. Kirkpatrick 222-229
Possible Physiological Clock Associated with the Feeding Habits of the Central Mudminnow (Umbra limi) Kirtland PDF
Kathleen L. Horwath, David W. Morgan 230-237
Recent Fish Collections from Blue River, Washington County, Indiana PDF
H. E. McReynolds, Joseph L. Janisch 238-242


Abstracts PDF
Jack R. Munsee 243-245
A Gynadromorph of Smithistruma (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Jack R. Munsee 246-251
Seasonal and Spatial Variation of Species Diversity in Collections of Sacrabaeidae, Elateridae, and Cerambycidae from West Central Indiana PDF
David B. MacLean 252-258
The 13-year Cicada-Conclusion of an Experiment Started in 1963 PDF
D. K. Reed, G. L. Reed, D. W. Hamilton 259-261
Intergeneric Attraction of Ramosia rileyana and Synanthedon pictipes PDF
James A. Burnside, Thomas E. Mouzin 262-264
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1977 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 265-272

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Mark Reshkin 273-275
Conodonts from the Black River Limestone, Subsurface of Indiana PDF
Robert B. Votaw 276-282
Thick High-Purity Limestone and Dolomite in Carroll County, Indiana PDF
Curtis H. Ault, Donald Carr 283-291
Mineral Resource Considerations in a Regional Management Plan PDF
Peter L. Calengas 292-298
Application of Geology to land use Planning, Clinton County, Indiana PDF
Ellen E. Otto, Terry R. West 299-310
The Effect of Strip Mine Blasting on Residential Structures Ayrshine Mine Warrick and Vanderburgh Counties, Indiana PDF
Jack Barnes 311-320
Bankfull Discharge of Indiana Streams PDF
Steven D. Jansen 321-328
The Effects of Lake Monroe on the Flow of Salt Creek, South Central Indiana PDF
L. Michael Trapasso 329-333
Hydrology and Water Quality of the Crooked Creek Watershed, Indianapolis, Indiana PDF
Robert D. Hall, Patricia A. Boaz 334-340

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Gertrude L. Ward 341-344

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Ralph L. Nicholson 345-348
Magnetic Effects on the Bacterium Escherichia coli PDF
W. W. Baldwin, M. F. Asterita 349-354


Abstracts PDF
Elmer Nussbaum 355-357
Factors Affecting the Operation of a TSEE Proportional Counter PDF
D. J. Fehringer, R. J. Vetter, P. L. Ziemer 358-364
Time Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy for in Situ Measurements PDF
Torsten Alvager, Mark Branham 365-368

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Victor Riemenschneider 369-372

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Jon R. Hendrix 373-376

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Lawrence A. Schaal 377-379
The Modern Climatology of Indiana Tornadoes PDF
Dennis A. Keyser, Ernest M. Agee, Christopher R. Church 380-390
The Climatology of Cyclones and Anticyclones in the Upper Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys and Great Lakes Region, 1950-74 PDF
Frederick E. Brennan, Phillip J. Smith 391-402
Landsat Data From Two Forest Sites in Indiana Reflect Impact of Summer Drought PDF
Byron O. Blair, M. F. Baumgardner, B. E. Dethier 403-408
Transformations of Hydroxylamine in Soils PDF
D. W. Nelson 409-413
Cadmium Levels of Golf Green Soils PDF
J. L. Lefton, J. L. Ahlrichs 414-420
Comparison of Soil Structure Resulting From Permanent Pasture and Continuous Row Crop PDF
G. C. Steinhardt, L. D. Norton 421-428


Abstracts PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr. 429-433
Distribution and Abundance of Rodents in Cultivated Ecosystems PDF
Wayne C. Houtcooper 434-437
Serological Relationships among some Midwestern Snakes PDF
Sherman A. Minton, Jr. 438-445
The ectoparasites of the southern bog lemming, Synaptomys cooperi, in Indiana PDF
Mary E. Wassel, Gary L. Tieben, John O. Whitaker, Jr. 446-449
Variation in the Vertebral Column and Ribs of Songbirds PDF
J. Dan Webster, Steven G. Goff 450-459
Effect of Dietary Selenium Level on Feed Intake and Weight Gain of Rats PDF
R. J. Vetter, W. V. Kessler, M. P. Plumlee, R. B. Harrington 460-466
Appearance and summer growth of young-of-the-year Morone chrysops and Ictalurus punctatus in the lower White River, Pike Co., Indiana PDF
Raymond A. Schleuter 467-468

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF