Vol 92 (1982)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Reports, Necrology, New Members PDF
  iii-xi, 3-60

President's Address

Presential Address: Creationism and Evolution: Some Perspectives PDF
William R. Eberly 61-69

Special Address

Speaker of the Year, 1982-83: Highlights in Herpetology: It's Not All Snakes PDF
Sherman A. Minton 70-76


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Curtis H. Tomak 77-80
A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Boone County, Indiana PDF
Douglas R. Mitchell 81-86
"Blowing" Family Savings Zapotec Style: A Theoretical Dilemma PDF
Carl O'Nell, Nancy O'Nell 87-91


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Kathryn Wilson 92-96
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana — 1982 PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Richard X. Latin, Paul C. Pecknold, Donald H. Scott 97-118
L-Methionine Sulfoximine as a New Electron Acceptor in Photosystem I of Spinach Chloroplasts PDF
Thomas W. Seng, Rita Barr, Frederick L. Crane 119-123

Cell Biology

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Douglas W. Duff 124-126
Preparation of Liposomes and Their Use in Studies with Paramecium PDF
Thomas A. Cole, Christopher C. Schroeder, Willis H. Johnson 127-130
Immunotherapy of the IR162 Rat Myeloma PDF
Kara Eberly, Kelley Kirwan 131-138


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Margaret A. Cavanaugh 139-144
Chlorination of m — Hydroxyacetophenone PDF
E. Campaigne, Chung S. Kim, Homer A. Smith, Jr. 145-152
An Interative Program for the Interpretation of Patterson Functions and Its Uses PDF
Tanya L. Curtis, P. Michael Haffley, J. C. Huffman 153-158
Initial Investigations Concerning the Redox Properties of an Iron (III) — Chloro Complex PDF
A. J.C.L. Hogarth, Melvin Lee 159-163


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
David Spencer 164-168
An Annotated List of the Fishes of Eagle, Stotts and Rattlesnake Creeks in Central Indiana PDF
William L. Fisher, James R. Gammon 169-182
The Fish Communities of Big Vermilion River and Sugar Creek PDF
James R. Gammon, James R. Riggs 183-190
Phytoplankton Community Ordination at a Site in Extreme Southern Lake Michigan PDF
Thomas E. Lauer, Thomas S. McComish 191-196
Seven Years of Forest Succession in Happy Valley, Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
Christian J. Martin, Paul C. MacMillan 197-206
Full Tally Inventory of 4+ cm Woody Individuals in Bendix Woods Nature Preserve, an Old Growth Beech-Maple Forest PDF
Victor Riemenschneider, Thomas D. Blodgett 207-212
Impingement of Fishes at the Indianapolis Power and Light Company Generating Station on the White River at Petersburg, Indiana PDF
John 0. Whitaker, Jr. 213-217


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Warren W. Bowden 218
Antecedent Moisture Condition Probabilities for Selected Indiana Stations PDF
Cristopher B. Burke, Donald D. Gray 219-226
Control and Measurement of Low Oxygen Partial Pressures in H2 or N2 Gas Using Calcia-Stabilized Zirconia Cells PDF
Kriengsak Chalermtiragool, Donald D. Gray 227-235


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Robert Pinger 236-238
Ecology of Vectors of Jamestown Canyon Virus: Seasonal Succession of Hematophagous Diptera at Kingsbury State Fish and Wildlife Area, LaPorte County, Indiana PDF
Robert D. Boromisa, Paul R. Grimstad 239-246
A Mosquito Larval Survey of Vanderburgh County, Indiana PDF
Vivie E. Dunn, Van G. Ghormley 247-252
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana During 1982 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 253-256
A Comparison of Ant Faunae on Unreclaimed Stripmines in Indiana PDF
Jack R. Munsee, John R. Schrock 257-262
Biogeography of Indiana Trichoptera PDF
R. S. Waltz, W. P. McCafferty 263-267

Environmental Quality

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Patrick J. Sullivan 268-270
Analysis of Organic Compounds in Water Samples by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry PDF
Joseph R. Siefker, Nor'ini B. Sapuan 271-274
The Influence of a Combined Sewage Outfall on the Chemical and Biological Quality of Salt Creek, Porter County, Indiana PDF
Richard L. Whitman 275-282

Geology and Geography

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
John H. Cleveland 283-286
Roof Characteristics of the Springfield (No. V) Coal in Indiana 287 PDF
S. N. Ghose 287-294

History of Science

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Gene Kritsky 295-296
A Brief History of Biology at Indiana University PDF
Frank N. Young 297-312

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Kenneth W. Brunson 313-316
Effect of Dietary Tannic Acid on the Facultative Gut Microflora of the Red Squirrel PDF
Kara Eberly, Eric Mould, Douglas Duff 317-322
Effects of the Antibiotic Tunicamycin on Murine Lymphosarcoma Cells PDF
S. S. Joshi, K. E. Tsaparikos, K. W. Brunson 323-332
Membrane Redox System in Porcine Neutrophils PDF
P. McLoughlin, I. L. Sun, F. L. Crane 333-338
Changes in Exogenous Palmitic Acid Utilization and Lipid Composition in Aging Cultures of Penicillium chrysogenum PDF
Mary Lee Richeson, Alice S. Bennett 339-348

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Roger Roth 349-350
A Laboratory Study of Cosmic Ray Produced Radionuclides with Muons PDF
Joseph L. Breeden 351-354
Direct 3-D Measurement of High Energy Elementary Particle Interactions in Nuclear Emulsion Targets PDF
Gerald P. Thomas 355-363

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Donald R. Hendricks 364-366
Glades and Barrens of Crawford and Perry Counties, Indiana PDF
John A. Bacone, Lee A. Casebere 367-374
Vascular Plants of Bendix Woods Nature Preserve, St. Joseph County, Indiana PDF
Thomas D. Blodgett, Victor L. Riemenschneider 375-378
Additions to the Flora of Southern Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya 379-382
The Upland Sinkhole Swamps and Ponds of Harrison County, Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya, Cloyce L. Hedge 383-388
The Arthur Herbarium Centennial: 100 Years of Uredinology in Indiana and the Great Lakes Region PDF
John W. McCain, Joe F. Hennen 389-395

Science Education

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
Patricia A. Zeck 396-400
Enrichment Programs for Secondary Science Students PDF
Walter A. Cory, Jr. 401-410
Research, Writing, and the Computer in Introductory Biology PDF
Gary E. Dolph 411-416
A Survey of Introductory Biology Laboratory Manuals for Content and Experimental Inquiry PDF
Thomas A. Fogle, Eric D. Mould 417-424
A Survey of Laboratory Manuals in Physiology PDF
Eric D. Mould, Thomas A. Fogle 425-430

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
John T. Snow 431-434
Potential of Amending Soil with Industrial Slags PDF
P. N. Coody, D. W. Nelson 435-440
Conservation Tillage Studies on a Clermont Loam Soil PDF
E. J. Kladivko, D. R. Griffith, J. V. Mannering 441-446
Some Aspects of the Persistence Between Fall and Winter Mean Temperatures in Indiana PDF
Huo-Jim Huang, Robert F. Dale 447-452
A Methodology for Considering the Effect of Weather on the Response of Corn Yields to Added Fertilizer: A Case Study in Indiana with Nitrogen PDF
Michael A. Mach, Robert F. Dale 453-462
The Effect of Raindrop Impact and Slope Length on Sediment Concentration of Runoff PDF
J. V. Mannering, W. C. Moldenhaur 463-467


Abstracts of papers not published in full PDF
David Sever 468-472
Miscellaneous Notes on Amby stoma texanum in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
Barbara A. Brown, Wynn W. Cudmore, John 0. Whitaker, Jr. 473-478
Notes on the Food Habits of the Long-tail Salamander, Eurycea longicauda, and the Cave Salamander, Eurycea lucifuga PDF
Wynn W. Cudmore, David Rubin 479-484
Present Distribution of Beaver in Indiana PDF
Gary Langell 485-488
Recent Records and Status of Amphibians and Reptiles in Indiana PDF
Sherman A. Minton, James C. List, Michael J. Lodato 489-498
Role of Tannic Acid on Digestion by Red Squirrels PDF
Eric D. Mould, Douglas Duff, Kara Eberly 499-506
Quarternary Records of the Pygmy and Smoky Shrews from South-central Indiana Caves PDF
Ronald L. Richards 507-522

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