Vol 93 (1983)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers and committees, minutes, reports PDF
  iii-xii, 3-46
New Members for 1983 PDF


Necrology PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 47-54

President's Address

Technologizing Science PDF
Alice S. Bennett 59-66

Special Address

"Speaker of the Year" Address, 1983-84: Drugs and the Mind PDF
E. Campaigne 67-76


Abstracts PDF
Gary D. Ellis 77-80


Abstracts PDF
David Polley 81-86
Angiosperm Root Parasites of Indiana PDF
Donald J. Leopold 87-96
Sodium Bisulfite in Chloroplast Electron Transport PDF
C. Mulinix, M. McCaffery, R. Barr, F. L. Crane 97-102
A Compliation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana 1983 PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Richard X. Latin, Paul C. Pecknold, Donald H. Scott 103-120

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Pradeep K. Bhattacharya, Aristotel J. Pappelis 121-124
Radiation Effects Studied with In Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy Techniques PDF
Torsten Alvager, Jay Feuquay, Gina Hamlin Stievenart 125-130
Long-term Culture of Epithelial Cells Derived from Axolotal (Abystoma mexicanum) Embryos PDF
Anton W. Neff 131-136


Abstracts PDF
Eric C. Johnson 137-144
Crystal and Molecular Structure of Octachlorostyrene, C8C18, a Great Lakes Pollutant PDF
John C. Huffman, Ray Kaminsky, Ronald A. Hites 145-148


Abstracts PDF
Richard Whitman 149-152
Effects of Flooding on Vegetation at Salamonie Reservoir PDF
Paul T. Arnold, Randall E. Brown 153-160
The Historic and Present Distribution of Ruffed Grouse in Indiana PDF
Steve E. Backs 161-166
Effect of Flooding on Small Mammal Populations at Salamonie Lake PDF
Randall E. Brown, Paul T. Arnold 167-172
Wildlife Use of Cultivated Fields Set Aside under the Payment in Kind (PIK) Program PDF
John S. Castrale 173-180
Twenty-five Years of Phytoplankton on the West Fork and Main Stem of White River: 1958-1982 PDF
Thomas E. Lauer, John L. Winters, Harold L. BonHomme 181-186
Survey of the Woody Vegetation of the Kankakee Sand Area Section of Indiana and Illinois PDF
Brain McDowell, Jim Newman, John Ebinger 187-194
Effects of Harvest on Dry Matter and Crude Protein Yields of Medicago sativa L. PDF
E. M. Ossom, C. L. Rhykerd, C. H. Noller, N. P. Maxon 195-198
Post Wind Damage Survey of Herbaceous Level in Bendix Woods Nature Preserve, St. Joseph County, Indiana PDF
Victor Riemenschneider, Thomas D. Blodgett 199-206


Abstracts PDF
David D. Chesak 207-208


Abstracts PDF
R. Bruce Cummings 209-210
The Effect of Prey Diet on Predation Efficiency of the Coccinellid, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri (Mulsant) PDF
Janet Kelly Averbeck, James D. Haddock 211-212
Jamestown Canyon Virus: Vector-host Studies in Northern Indiana PDF
Robert D. Boromisa, Paul R. Grimstad 213-218
Interspecific Relationships among Three Species of Milkweed Beetles (Tetraopes: Cerambycidae) PDF
Michael P. Kowalski 219-224
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana in 1983 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 225-228
Current Status of the Blue Wasp, Chalybion zimmermanni Dahlborn in Southeastern Indiana PDF
Gertrude L. Ward, Paul Ode 229-230

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
Robert H.L. Howe 231-232
Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide Injuries to Green Plants PDF
Robert H.L. Howe, Whei-May Lee Chang 233-236

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Terry R. West 237-238

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Gene Kritsky 239-240
School Days and First Steps in College and in Botany PDF
Charles B. Heiser, Jr., Paul Weatherwax 241-256
The History and Development of Thermometric Titrimety PDF
A.J.C.L. Hogarth 257-260

Informal Conference

Issues in the History of Science: Abstracts PDF
Gene Kritsky 261-264

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Mary Lee Richeson 265-266
Effects of Anthracycline Compounds on Transmembrane Redox Function of Cultured Hela Cells PDF
I. L. Sun, F. L. Crane 267-274

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
Malcom E. Hults 275-276
Use of Mossbauer Spectroscopy to Study Indiana Oil Shales PDF
N. J. Booher, Ruth H. Howes 277-282
Survey of Indiana High School Physics Teachers PDF
Denise Waters Phillips, Ruth H. Howes 283-288

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
James R. Aldrich 289-290
Natural Barrens and Post Oak Flatwoods in Posey and Spencer Counties PDF
James R. Aldrich, Michael A. Homoya 291-302
Glades of the Knobstone Escarpment in Indiana PDF
John A. Bacone, Lee A. Casebere, Max D. Hutchinson 303-308
A Study of the Natural History of Naturally Occurring Populations of Magnolia tripetala L. in Indiana PDF
Kemuel Badger, Marion T. Jackson 309-312
Composition Gradients in Forest Canopy and Groundlayer Vegetation within a White River Floodplain Forest PDF
Byron P. Hollett, Jr., Marion T. Jackson 313-322
A Floristic Survey of Acid Seep Springs in Martin and Dubois Countries, Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya 323-332
Indiana Plant Distribution Records XXIII PDF
Lewis Johnson 333-334
New Vascular Plant Distribution Records for Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
J. W. McCain 335-338
Additions to the Flora of Spencer County, Indiana PDF
Wlliam E. McClain 339-342
Additions to the Flora of Sullivan County, Indiana PDF
Wlliam E. McClain 343-348
Indiana Plant Distribution Records PDF
Richard Maxwell, Jon Norman 349-350

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Stanley S. Shimer 351-354
Modeling Teaching Strategies for Biology Laboratory Experiences PDF
Thomas A. Fogle, Eric D. Mould 355-360
Positive Benefits of hte Agronomy Cooperative Education Program PDF
S. E. Fowler, C. L. Rhykerd, B. O. Blair, A. D. Goecker, A. R. Hilst 361-362
A Survey and Comparison of Majors and Non-majors Introductory Biology Laboratory Manuals Emphasizing Content Inquiry PDF
James R. Litton, Jr. 363-374
Working with the Scientifically/Creatively Gifted in Research PDF
Cheryl L. Mason 375-378
PSI and Piaget PDF
John A. Ricketts 379-384
The High School Chemistry Laboratory Can Strengthen Abstract Reasoning Skills PDF
John A. Ricketts, Lucy Brooks 385-390

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
H. Raymond Sinclair, Jr. 391-394
Comparison of Climatologies for Existing Heterogeneous Temperature Records with Those for Adjusted Records for West Lafayette and Whitestown, Indiana PDF
David L. Epperson, Robert F. Dale 395-404
Determination of Aluminum Toxicity in Indiana Soils by Petri Dish Bioassay PDF
M. C. Karr, J. Coutinho, J. L. Ahlrichs 405-412
Nitrification of Ammonium Applied to Soils in Fall, Winter, and Early Spring PDF
D. W. Nelson, G. R. Wagenman 413-418
Cold Air Outbreaks over Lake Michigan During the 1982-1983 Winter Season PDF
Steve D. Rokosz, Ernest M. Agee 419-434
Determination of Error for the Purdue Regional Objective Analysis of the Mesoscale (PROAM) PDF
David R. Smith, Michelle E. Pumphry 435-440
Crust Strength of Two Indiana Soils as Influenced by Soil Properties and Tillage PDF
J. A. Sutch, G. C. Steinhardt, D. B. Mengel 441-448
Land Use Changes and an Estimate of Prime Farmland Loss to Development in Hamilton County, Indiana 1940-1980 PDF
T G. Van Horn, G. C. Steinhardt, J. E. Yahner 449-456


Abstracts PDF
Ronald L. Richards 457-462
Hibernacula of the Endangered Indiana Bat in Indiana PDF
Virgil Brack, Jr. 463-468
The Distribution of hte Smoky Shrew, Sorex Fumeus, and the Pygmy Shrew mIcrosorex hoyi, in Indiana with Notes on the Distribution of Other Shews PDF
Wynn W. Cudmore, John O. Whitaker, Jr. 469-474
Collections on Planktonic and Interstitial Marine Rotifers from Puerto Rico PDF
James R. Litton, Jr. 475-478
The Occurrence of the Freshwater Medusa Craspedacusta sowerbyi Lankester in Spicer Lake, Saint Joesph County, Indiana PDF
James R. Litton, Jr. 479-482
The Pleistocene Vertebrate Collection of the Indiana State Museum with a List of the Extinct and Extralocal Pleistocene Vertebrates of Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards 483-504
Survey of Nesting Raptors in Northeastern Indiana PDF
Gary L. Tieben 505-508

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF